Discount Used Office Furniture On Sale Now!

Refurbished Office Furniture On Sale Now!
September 30, 2015
Refurbished Office Furniture

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Discount Used Office Furniture

Not every business can afford top-of-the-line office furniture when it's time to replace the old filing cabinets, desk chairs, conference room tables and desks. When you're getting ready to replace everything at once, cost is a huge factor in your final decision. When you decide to buy discount used office furniture, your staff may worry – but you don't have to. With some careful exploration, you'll be able to find sturdy, attractive office furniture, even though it's previously owned.

Where to Find Used Discount Furniture

You and your staff have several options when it's time to start looking for previously owned office furniture. If you decide to save money, the furniture you eventually select doesn't have to look used, cheap or shoddy, as long as you focus your search in the right places.

Retail outlets that specialize in office furniture that has been owned before are a good place to begin. Office furniture retail stores that exclusively sell office furniture and office systems are an excellent source for your new used office furniture. As you are exploring your options and looking at the stock these resources have on hand, make sure to ask whether every piece of furniture has been cleaned and reconditioned. Scratches, dents and dings should be removed. Loose chair casters should be replaced. Sticking desk drawers – and broken ones – should be repaired. After all, even though you're buying office furniture that has been discounted, you want this to be an investment that benefits your business for several years.

Where to Shop for Your New Discount Furniture

Go to office furniture retailers such as Other good sources are furniture clearance centers. Here, employees who specialize in taking used office furnishings and make them look like new once again. When you visit the showroom, you should not be able to tell the discount from the new.

When you make your final decision, you'll do so, knowing that your furniture selections are going to be shipped to your company. Once they are taken off the truck and placed in your offices, you want them to look like new, giving your offices a sharp, professional appearance. Whether the filing cabinets are made from wood or metal, you want them to stand up to daily use. You and your employees are going to sit in those office chairs every day, for at least six hours every day. They should be comfortable and, when you roll from one area to another, the casters should roll with the chairs.

What Kinds of Furniture are Most Often Discounted

Office furniture that has been made with more metal than wood is most often discounted. It's sturdy, lasting for decades. Yet, it shows its age over time, with dulled surfaces, scratches and dings. In addition, metal office furniture is weighty.

If you've been worrying that the “assemble it yourself” furniture is most often discounted, you should know that, because this furniture is made of laminate furniture, it won't last as long as furniture made from real wood. It cracks and warps more easily.

If you've decided that the best option for your company is to find discounted new furniture, look for estate sales. You may be able to find a treasure of a desk that, once refurbished and refinished, looks like it just came off the showroom floor. It will cost you a fraction of what you would pay for it if it was new.

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