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Used Executive Office Cubicles With Door
September 8, 2015
Executive Enclosed Office Cubicles With Door

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A cubicle is a cubicle is a cubicle. Until it’s not a cubicle. Office workers and managers may puzzle over this, but if they stop and think about the traditional cubicles they have worked in, they may be able to understand. If that cubicle is fully enclosed, it becomes a small office.

Available Cubicle Styles

Telemarketers, call-center workers and lower-level workers may be housed in small cubicles that are open to everything. The people who sit and work in these cubicles are completely aware when someone is walking by or when someone’s phone rings. They know when someone is engaged in conversation, especially if their coworker tends to speak loudly. They may be even more acutely aware of the openness of their cubicles when coworkers top to chat with them about their weekends or that big game just as they are working on a tight deadline. These cubicles may have lower dividers or slightly higher dividers. They may be one of a “pod” of cubicles.

Then there is the enclosed cubicle. This one has walls that extend to six feet high or higher. The panels are made of clear or frosted glass. It may even have a door that swings open and closed, giving the worker privacy and much-needed quiet.

Potential Costs for Enclosed Office Cubicles

An enclosed cubicle will cost more than an open cubicle. When a business owner is pricing enclosed office cubicles for their company, they need to prepare to pay at least $6,000 or even more. While this cubicle will be barely large enough to hold a desk, chair and filing cabinet, it will be sufficient for the person occupying it.

On the high end of prices, an enclosed cubicle can cost more than $14,000 because of the features it contains. This cubicle will block out almost all ambient noise. It will also give the worker needed privacy, which, if they work on confidential documents or plans, will be ideal for their needs.

Features of Enclosed Office Cubicles

Enclosed office cubicles give workers privacy to get their work done. If they need to focus on a highly technical report or a document with several large numbers, they will perform better in an enclosed space.

Workers who have to meet face-to-face and talk about different issues on their current projects may appreciate the privacy an enclosed cubicle gives them. When those spaces are equipped with lighting and comfortable couches, productivity at that meeting may increase.

High-end enclosed office cubicles are equipped with doors that use a special technology to seal out sound when they are closed.

Pluses and Minuses of enclosed Office Cubicles

Introverts will appreciate the quiet an enclosed cubicle gives them. They are more easily distracted by loud and constant sounds, such as phones ringing, coworkers talking or the sounds coming from a television or sound system.

Extroverts may find they need to be in an open-floor plan to stimulate their creativity. The enclosed cubicle may stifle their ability to be creative because of its ability to block out almost all sound.

If two enclosed office cubicles are placed next to each other, both workers have to close the doors of their cubicles to deaden noise coming from each one. If one worker leaves their door open, the other worker will hear everything being done or said.

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