What Are The Benefits Of Enclosed Executive Office Cubicles FR-498

What Are The Benefits Of Enclosed Executive Office Cubicles FR-498
September 9, 2015
Used Executive Office Cubicles With Door

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Enclosed executive office cubicles (also called professional office cubicles) offer sophistication and elegance in any corporate setting. The tall walls and polished surfaces make the space seem like a traditional, closed-in office, which makes these cubicle designs ideal for middle management all the way up to C-level executives.

What Styles Are Available in Executive Office Cubicles?

In the office furniture arena, executive office cubicles are among the most diverse aesthetically. They also offer plenty of practical options and customization features so your office serves all your workday needs.

The outer panels can consist of glass tiles so colleagues can see inside the space or solid tiles that perform double duty as whiteboards, cork boards, cabinets, drawers, and other functions. You can also select from a variety of finishes. Faux marble and other natural stone finishes lend an upscale vibe to your executive office cubicle, as do laminate wood surfaces.

Just like other types of cubicles, executive versions feature plenty of diversity in size and layout. If you need more open space to accommodate visitor chairs, you can select a layout with the workstation confined to one side and an open space for the other. Similarly, if you need a longer workstation, you can choose an executive cubicle with more space devoted to the desk.

The partitions on executive cubicles typically stand taller than those of other cubicles (often 84 inches or more). This creates the feeling of a traditional office space, blocks noise, ensures privacy, and helps define the office space. If you choose the aforementioned glass tiles or panels, however, you'll still feel connected to the rest of the office.

Most executive office cubicles include a door because of their tall panels. When you need to make an important phone call or conduct a meeting with a client, just close the door.

Do High-Ranking Corporate Managers and Executives Use Cubicles?

It's a myth that only entry-level professionals work in cubicle spaces. In fact, Fortune magazine reports that many successful CEOs oversee their operations from cubicle desks. They appreciate the chance to interact with their employees on a daily basis and to join collaborative discussions.

Executive office cubicles simply add a layer of class and sophistication to the cubicle design. They bridge the gap between traditional cubicles and private offices, which makes them ideal for professionals of all grades and levels.

How Much Do Executive Cubicles Cost?

High-end executive office cubicles can run anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in brand new condition. You'll save considerable money with Cubiture's used models, however, which can make the executive designs more attainable. Our refurbished cubicles offer durability and attractiveness for a fraction of the cost of a new design, but we ensure every product has been refinished to provide a like-new experience.

How Do You Choose Executive Office Cubicles?

Before you buy an office cubicle or a bank of them, consider how much storage space you need and what styles appeal to you most. Make sure to measure the space where you will install the cubicle to make the most of the available room.

If you need executive office cubicles for your workspace, let Cubiture help! Visit our Houston showroom or check out our inventory online.

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