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September 15, 2015
Executive Office Furniture


A “ready-to-assemble” desk from the discount store won’t look right in a high-end office. In addition, the business owner who bought this piece of furniture will get exactly what they paid for – not very much. When it’s time for the business owner to buy high-quality office furniture, they need to realize that the new furniture will give a positive impression to customers and visitors as they come in.

Options in High-End Office Furniture

Executive chairs, simple desks that reflect the high profile of the business and a bookcase with glass-fronted doors may feel a little “rich” to the business owner who has been slaving to make their business a success. If they aren’t comfortable with ornate furniture, they can choose high-end furniture that is simpler, but still just as original.

For instance, the desks used by executives and other employees don’t have to be massive and made of dark wood. It doesn’t have to have several drawers. Instead, that desk can be a simple, wood item with a single center drawer and either a wood or glass-top surface.

The chair doesn’t have to look like something that sits in a gentlemen’s club. It can look like a comfortable office chair, made with ergonomics in mind. The bookcase can be less ornate and have several shelves.

Typical Costs

Beginning with the desks placed in a high-end office, the simplest options may be the least expensive, although the business will still pay plenty of money. A writing desk can cost more than $3,000 while a simple desk with four legs and a center drawer will cost $1,000. Writing desks topped with glass will approach $2,000.

Office and executive chairs equipped with casters can cost $1,600 or $1,200. Turning to the bookcases, a company looking to replace its old bookcases should expect to spend about $3,700. These are most often made from a high-quality wood, which will cost more.

What Looks Best in a High-End Office

While office furniture purchased in a discount store may look like high-end furniture, its materials will soon give it away. Because discount furniture isn’t made from real wood, it won’t stand up to the pressures of use. If a desk is moved from one office to another, it will soon begin to fall apart.

Discount office chairs will also begin to fall apart soon after purchase. The arm rests and casters may come loose and the back may start to lose its ability to support the person using it. Bookcases bought in discount stores may not stand up to the weight of the books and notebooks they house. The pins holding the individual shelves may fail under the weight of the shelves.

High-end office furniture is made using high quality materials. Even though it costs more money, it will last longer, making it a wise investment for the business that purchases it.

How Cubiture Can Help

Cubiture carries high-end furniture, making it convenient for businesses and company owners to discuss their upcoming office furniture needs. Because these businesses want to project the right image, they will choose only high-end furniture. The furniture experts at Cubiture can help the managers who are ordering the new furniture.

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