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September 29, 2015
Modern Office Furniture

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When you think about the new office furniture you want to buy, do you think “vintage or retro?” There's a reason for this. These looks are coming back, because of its clean, simple lines. Both the vintage and retro looks can bring a hint of the mid-20th century to your office with their clean lines and innovative looks. Current working practices are influencing today's office furniture, too.

Retro Makes a Comeback

Influenced by the Bauhaus movement, the office furniture of the mid-20th century enabled manufacturers to make office furnishings by using non-traditional techniques. If you look at a waiting room chair made from welded steel, you'll wonder how this could be comfortable for visitors as they wait for their appointments. Yet, when you sit in the chair to give it a test run, you realize it feels like it gives and rebounds with your weight.

Another office waiting area chair from the Emu Collection, is made using the same techniques, but the steel rods used in its construction are finer. The leg base is more open, adding to its stability and making the seat look like wire mesh draped over a frame.

Look at Vintage

Looking at waiting area tables, you'll see that vintage designs have been inspired by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The design is deceptively simple and clean. The table's legs are set in a geometric pattern, enabling the table itself to be stable as someone works on it or sets their messenger bag and a tall cup of coffee down.

Another office chair has a completely different design and is made from different materials. Arne Jacobsen's design features a low back and clean edges. Imagine this chair in your office waiting area and you're on the way to envisioning a formal, but inviting area for customers to sit and wait for their appointments.

Even if you plan to keep some of your existing office furniture, you don't have to worry about bringing in some vintage pieces to replace the old ones. The vintage line is clean and uses modern materials that will coordinate well with the pieces you plan to keep.

Once you have the new furniture, your employees, visitors and clients will notice the new look of your reception area space. Over time, as you replace more and more of your old furniture with new furniture, the overall look of your office will become even more coordinated.

A Nod to Today's Working Style

Even with the resurgence of vintage and retro office furniture, office practices continue to march headlong into the 21st century. Work practices are evolving, meaning you have workers who don't need a dedicated office space of their own. They may telecommute more than they come into the office.

Telecommuting workers need only a desktop space and an electrical outlet into which they can connect their laptop, tablet and smartphone in. Other employees may enjoy working at standing or even walking desks as they combine work activities with fitness. In any case, your workers move from station to station and pod to pod as they work on their projects.

In this office setting, a long table, tall stools or a series of workstations will easily meet their work needs. sales staff can show you the new, vintage and retro furniture you may be interested in.

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