Everything You Need To Know About Office Cubicle Partitions FR-530

Contemporary Office Cubicle Partitions For Sale In Houston, Texas
September 9, 2015
Contemporary Office Cubicle Partitions For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Office cubicle partitions consist of numerous components that cooperate to form efficient workstations. Cubicle partitions separate cubicles from each other and from the open office environmental. Multiple types, styles, and designs of office cubicle partitions exist, so it's important to consider all of your options before you make a decision.

Partition Materials

Most cubicle partitions are made from particle board, medium-density foam, or other similar materials. They often feature metal or plastic framing that connects each partition or panel to other parts of the cubicle. Some are covered with a laminate veneer, while others feature tackable fabric coatings, which aid in sound absorption.

Solid cubicle partitions create privacy and allow employees to work without distractions. However, if you want to create a more open space, you can choose panels fitted with glass or faux-glass inserts that allow everyone in the surrounding office to see inside.

Partition Colors and Styles

Cubiture offers more than 400 colors of laminate coatings for cubicles as well as over 500 fabric options. You can style your office however you like, whether you prefer a sleek and modern aesthetic or a more traditional vibe.

Some partitions lend themselves to multiple finishes. For example, a fabric partition might feature a stripe of laminate that runs down its sides. This can establish a more dynamic aesthetic in your office and create a sense of movement in the space.

Partition Heights

Taller partitions provide more privacy, sound absorption, and separation between employees. If you want your workers to feel as though they are operating from their own private offices, the tallest panels might fit best in your space. Tall partitions are also extremely useful for employees who spend large amounts of time on the phone.

Shorter partitions fuel collaboration between workers and create an airier, more open floor plan. If you want to create maximum air flow and facilitate the free transfer of ideas between employees, look for shorter partitions. You can also use partitions that sit level with work surfaces so employees can face one another and share documents and other materials without obstruction.

Partition Depth

Some cubicles are the size of a typical private office and contain partitions fitted with drawers, cabinets, shelving systems, and filing cabinets, among other useful implements. Others are just a few feet deep and provide space for only a computer terminal and telephone. The depth of your partitions should depend on how your employees use their work spaces.

For example, in a call center, workers typically need little space. They sit at their desks and talk to customers or sales leads on their headsets. They don't require significant storage or room to maneuver. For these employees, panels that fit a shallower workstation might suffice.

Buying Partitions

Office cubicle partitions can cost anywhere from under $100 to more than $500 each. The price depends on the size of the panel, its placement in the system, and the material from which it is manufactured.

Refurbished and used partitions offer considerable savings over new models. You can stretch your corporate dollar further with refurbished versions that look no different from their brand new counterparts.

If you need partitions for your office space, visit Cubiture's West Houston showroom or check out the inventory online. When you educate yourself about the options for office cubicles, you can make a smart decision and save money in the bargain.

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