Office Furniture Desks For Sale In Houston, Texas ML-109

Custom Office Furniture Desk For Sale In Houston Texas
September 22, 2015
Custom Office Furniture Desk For Sale In Houston Texas

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Regardless of the tasks on your to-do list, you need a desk that allows you to function at optimum efficiency and in maximum comfort. What you might not realize is that the design and construction of your desk contributes to both of these factors. After you choose an office chair that meets your ergonomic needs, turn your attention to your custom work space.

Desk Height

If you're six feet tall, your ideal desk height is taller than that of someone who stands only five feet tall. Your desk height informs the way you work each day as well as your productivity. High levels of comfort in the office translate to improved performance.

When you order a custom office furniture desk, sit at desks of several heights to determine which feels best. In addition to your personal height, you might want to consider the type of work you do on a daily basis. For example, the right desk height for someone who writes by hand will be different from that of someone who types at a computer.

Desk Finish

Some professionals prefer a smooth, lacquered surface, while others like the texture and richness of wood laminate. Your desk's finish sets the tone for the entire office and communicates your aesthetic preference. Cubiture can work with you to determine what desk finish will complement your office best.

Storage Space

The most basic desk consists of nothing more than a flat work surface. However, most professionals want more storage space in their custom desks. Both underneath storage and overhead storage help you keep your office organized and functional.

For example, custom desk hutches allow you to use the vertical space in your office for storage. Line the shelves, cabinets, or drawers with books, office supplies, decorations, and other items.

Underneath your desk, you might want room for a computer tower or a filing cabinet. It depends on the type of work you do and the number of items you must keep in your office. If you work with lots of paperwork and files, for example, additional storage might become necessary.

Desk Shape

Some custom office furniture desks consist only of a single straight piece, but more functional desks are often shaped like Ls or Us. The best shape for your office depends on the amount of space you have available and your functional needs.

L-shaped desks are often very welcoming and inviting. They work well if you'll need to turn around and have meetings with associates or clients. U-shaped desks, on the other hand, create a barrier between you and visitors. They can seem more elegant or refined, especially when finished with wood.

Desk Hardware

From the hinges that allow you to open cabinets and to the knobs and drawer pools, your desk's hardware add to the overall design. Polished nickel and aged brass are common choices among professionals and executives.

Desk Style

Do you want a simple, modern desk with clean lines and smooth surfaces, or would you prefer a more ornate piece with beveled trim and mixed materials? Your desk's style tells people about your personal aesthetic preferences and allows you to take pride in your office.

If you're ready to outfit your office with a great custom desk, visit Cubiture's website or stop by our West Houston showroom. We help you select and design a desk that you will use for years to come.

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