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Refurbished Office Furniture
September 1, 2015
Refurbished Office Furniture

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Whether the business person in need of new office furniture is an independent contractor working from their home or they are a small-business owner who goes to an office and oversees employees, they need high-quality office furniture. While they may believe that buying the cheapest thing they can find is a good idea, they'll get exactly what they pays for: low-quality furniture that they'll have to replace sooner than they wanted to.

Know What is Needed

It's tempting for a business owner to walk into the office furniture store and point at item after item, indicating that they want to buy every piece. Two factors should affect their choices: What they need and, to a degree, price.

First, as they looking at what's on display, they need to keep in mind whether the desk is getting old. If drawers no longer open easily or if the fronts are beginning to come off, they need to replace their desk with a new one. They need to be able to store office items in the drawers. If one of those drawers is a file cabinet, they need to know that it's sufficiently large enough to hold all their files.

If their filing system has outgrown the single filing cabinet in their desk or even a two-drawer cabinet, they need a larger cabinet. Will they buy two two-drawer filing cabinets or a four-drawer? That depends on the room in their office.

Fit, Finish and Function

Next, they need to look at the size of each piece they're considering buying. If the office isn't very big, the largest desk in the store will overpower the size of the office space. A smaller desk with lots of storage areas may be a better idea.

If they're concerned about ergonomic functions, they needs to discuss this with the store employee or office furniture expert. If they suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or another condition that requires them to use furniture with ergonomic features, that expert can steer them to the right pieces of furniture.

The finish of the furniture is important, especially if the business owner works with substances that can destroy the surface of her desk or other pieces of furniture. If so, they need to discuss this with the furniture expert, so they can show furniture that will not be destroyed by caustic chemicals.

Style and Quality

Office furniture doesn't come in only one style. Depending on the style of the furniture in other areas of the office – or home, if the office is operated from the owner's home, they'll have to choose office furniture that coordinates or complements what they already have.

Let's go back to quality. This business owner should keep in mind that, if they buy high-quality office furniture, they'll be able to use it for years. On the other hand, if they try to economize and buy cheap, poorly made furniture, they'll have to replace every piece over time. They should opt for the high-quality pieces, even if they cost more.

Cost is a Factor

This final point may seem to directly contradict the advice about buying high-quality pieces. That still applies, but if the business owner is restrained by a strict budget, they can still find high-quality furniture within their budget. They can look for sale items or those on clearance.

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