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September 17, 2015

Office Furniture Systems

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Companies and agencies that need to order new office systems want to find and have installed the systems that will best serve their needs without breaking their office budgets. From telemarketing and call center cubicles to cubicles for clerks and office managers, the company should look for the systems that will best fill their needs. Pods to hold more than one worker can be ideal for those who work on projects together.

Typical Costs and Prices

Depending on the specific use and the size of the office system, costs can range from $300 all the way up to $700. If the business requests high-end materials to be used in its office systems, the price per unit will increase.

The business that has chosen to use higher-end materials, such as wood for the desk surface or glass for the panels will benefit because it will be able to use the systems longer. The durability of these products as well as others, will affect the length of time that the office systems will remain in use before being phased out for new or refurbished office systems.

Features and Benefits

Office furniture systems can be configured to fit different departments within the business. Accountants, bookkeepers and HR personnel need increased levels of privacy so they don’t accidentally reveal company secrets or employee information. Creatives, such as graphic design artists or web designers and IT specialists need additional quiet so they can focus more on their work. This means that the office systems ordered for them must provide privacy and additional quiet.

When a business needs freedom to configure several individual office systems together, the systems should have the ability to be fitted together. In addition, it should be easy to separate them once again.

Styles Available

The call center cubicle won’t do for the IT specialist. It’s too small and they will have to deal with too much noise. The manager needs a larger office system, so the system that suits the payroll clerk will be too small.

For any employee who has to be able to store files and materials used in their work, a filing cabinet and additional storage space will be necessary. The manager or the head of a government agency should request a freestanding workstation with several drawers and a few cabinets. In this way, they will be able to store all the documents they work on, knowing they will be safe and secure once they are locked away. Workers who move from place to place within the office can be well-suited with a simple desk and a high stool, where they can place their computers and paperwork. If two or more workers work together on projects, they should be set up into a pod of their own so they can work conveniently close.

Request Cubiture’s Help

The office experts at Cubiture can help the business and government agency executives who are looking for new office systems. Along with price and cost, they will discuss the specific functions their workers perform, their current office system setup and what, if anything, they want to change.

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