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September 1, 2015

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Business owners used to have individual offices for employees. Managers got the larger offices and that coveted corner office. A large conference room accommodated large groups of people and meetings. Today, however, the trend is toward more openness and availability of both workers and managers.

Openness versus Privacy

Today's workers can easily connect with their supervisors because those managers aren't closed off in individual offices. Now, these upper-level employees are sitting in open areas just like their workers are.

While this may confound some business owners and even managers who are used to the old way of doing things, it's time for them to remember that there is more than one right way of accomplishing goals. This means that managers, business owners and supervisor have had to get used to the lack of privacy.

Say Goodbye to the Corner Office

That corner office was probably obliterated, with the walls torn down to create even more space in the open-office plan. That enviable area, along with almost every enclosed office, is now a part of a large space that contains cubicles, large tables, treadmill desks and even standing desks.

Tech firms introduced this new trend by grouping almost every employee and manager in the center of the work room. Each employee and manager occupied their own cubicle, which was stocked with supplies, a phone and a computer. Now, in the interests of achieving availability, mid-level and upper-level managers sit in the same spaces that their workers sit in.

Workers Make Themselves Available

Bookkeepers, IT specialists and clerks are now expected to make themselves and their attention available at almost any time. Unless they are occupied with a task they need to focus on, they know they are likely to have to turn their attention to a coworker's or manager's questions.

A good scenario may look like this: A clerk's computer begins to malfunction. Needing to finish several time-critical reports, the clerk calls over to an IT specialist to explain what is happening with their computer. The IT specialist, knowing they may be needed at any time of the day, puts aside their work and turns their attention to the clerk's computer issues, then works on it until it has been resolved.

Offices with Open Pantries and Chat Rooms

While this may sound more like a restaurant, today's offices may be equipped with bench seating, banquettes and even phone booths that can be used as chat rooms. Several workers can group themselves together in “huddle areas,” where they work out any questions or problems with their current project. They may also gather in huge groups in a huge conference room for gatherings known as “all-hands” meetings.

Some traditional businesses, such as realty offices are beginning to create worker neighborhoods that are equipped with couches. “Hot desks” are those that haven't been assigned to specific workers. These are intended for use by mobile workers.

Equalization, Not Hierarchies

In an effort to attract new employees with graduate degrees, businesses are striving for employee-manager equalization. The open-floor plan encourages this effort, especially when workers and managers can congregate in chat rooms or huddle areas.

For the businesses that have added such amenities as coffee bars, large, open tables and multi-person cubicles, the transition to equalization may be easier.

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