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Ergonomic Office Workstations & Cubicles For Sale In Houston Texas
September 10, 2015
Ergonomic Office Workstations & Cubicles For Sale In Houston Texas

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When your employees spend eight or more hours at their desks every day, you don't want them to go home with aching backs, sore wrists, or strained necks. Ergonomic office workstations and cubicles keep workers comfortable while they talk to customers on their headsets or type up reports on their computers.

The Perfect Height

Many ergonomic cubicles come with desks that can be adjusted for the person who uses them. Moving the desk up or down in height can create the perfect eye level for a computer monitor, for example, and ensure that workers' hands don't “fall asleep” while they type.

Easily Within Reach

Ergonomic workstations also often include easily accessible drawers, cabinets, and shelves. When your employees need to reach for a file folder or calculator, they don't have to stretch as far or endanger their safety. Scalable workstations allow employees to set up their work spaces to suit their specific needs.

Sitting in Style

When you purchase cubicles and workstations for your office, don't neglect employee and visitor seating. Cubiture offers chairs of all types, so you can select models that align with your employees' needs.

Working in a hot, humid climate like Houston often means that it's difficult to keep interior spaces as cool as you'd like. Mesh chairs help promote air circulation throughout your office. It will be easier to keep employees cool while they work, which means improved job satisfaction.

Tapered for Access

If your employees must swivel in their chairs to grab paper from the printer or to chat with customers or vendors, look for tapered or shaped workstations. These models feature smooth, rounded desk edges and concave computer work areas so workers can move freely within their cubicles.

Drop-Down Keyboard Trays

You might also want to consider ergonomic workstations that include drop-down keyboard trays. The computer monitor sits at eye level so employees don't have to tilt their heads beyond their comfort zones, but the keyboard remains in optimum position for typing.

Why Ergonomics

Ergonomic office furniture isn't just for comfort and style. Many people suffer from serious repetitive injuries after working for years in an office setting. They develop trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and other afflictions. While these conditions might sound like they originate in sports and other active pursuits, they are common among office workers.

Ergonomic workstations can prevent these injuries. They also improve employee morale and enhance your corporate culture.

Affordable Comfort

Many employers steer clear of ergonomic workstations and cubicles because they are concerned about the price. The word “ergonomic” sounds expensive and indulgent, but in reality, you can find ergonomic solutions at affordable prices.

Consider Cubiture's range of refurbished office furniture. Each component is restored to like-new condition, which means you gain the aesthetic appeal of brand new, ergonomic workstations without the hefty price tag. You can also find used office cubicles that are sold as-is if you need to stretch your budget as far as possible.

If you're ready to treat your employees to office workstations and cubicles that meet their health and practical needs, visit Cubiture's West Houston showroom today.

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