Professional Office Space Planning

What Is Office Space Planning
September 2, 2015

A professional office space planner can help a company design the optimal office space for its employees, managers, current and future needs. While the owner may have an idea of what they want, taking that mental plan and carrying it out when they see the physical space of the office can be difficult.

Help Create Accurate Floor Plans

Ideally, a space planner should have a degree and experience in architecture and interior design. Knowing measurements, weight-bearing walls and where doors and windows should go falls under the expertise of the planner. This person may simply use pencil and paper or they may utilize planning software that allows them to determine how much space the office enclosure will allow for the reception area, meeting rooms, a cafeteria and managers' offices.

Take Advantage of Professional Know-How

The office space planner, with their degree and past experience, can help the business owner to avoid a potential office design disaster. If, for instance, the owner has in mind a plan that allows for a very small reception area, they may not realize that they actually need a bigger area for clients and guests. If the business becomes well-known and popular, the owner wants to have the available space to accommodate job applicants and other business professionals so they are comfortable as they are waiting for their appointments.

Options to Consider

The space planner takes several factors into consideration as they help a business owner in creating the optimal office space for their business. Some of these factors can include privacy, creating camaraderie, the space each employee needs, creating a flexible work space, the business' desired image, the behavior the business owner wants to encourage in employees and even spaces where employees can feel comfortable, relax and socialize.


Sometimes, an open office design won't work for some employees. If, for instance, some employees routinely discuss confidential matters with colleagues, they need an enclosed space so that the private information won't be overheard and spread around.

If employees are hard at work on a project that demands all of their concentration, they need a quiet space where they won't be disturbed by ambient office sounds, such as phones ringing, computers dinging or colleagues talking.

Flexible Work Space

If a business owner anticipates expanding in the near future, the large office space is a good idea. Yet, having several unoccupied desks isn't the image they want to portray. Flexible office space, such as “plug and play” sections or even tables and desks set on hidden rollers can help address this problem. Small offices can play double duty when they are unoccupied.

Business Image

The design of the office can communicate an up-to-date persona or it can represent an out-of-date model. If the business owner wants to avoid this, they need to know what office designs are currently popular and why.

Employee Behavior

Depending on the behavior the owner wants to encourage, they can create an office setup that stresses mingling, sharing and even recycling. Recycling bins and a large print station or coffee bar will enable employees to fit in. Contact us today.

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