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New, Refurbished & Used Office Furniture In Houston For Sale
September 16, 2015
New, Refurbished & Used Office Furniture In Houston For Sale

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Whether you're furnishing your home office for your new career as an entrepreneur or you're outfitting a 3,000-square-foot bullpen, you don't have to look far to find used office furniture in Houston. Pre-owned office furniture, from swivel office chairs to desks, work just as well as they did when they slid off the manufacturer's conveyor belt.

Take the Pressure Off Your Wallet

According to, buyers of used office furniture save an average of 70 percent over those who buy new. That cost savings allows you to invest your cash in other assets or expenses, such as hiring employees, purchasing equipment, or expanding into new markets. You don't have to slash your operations budget just to furnish your business.

This is particularly important for small and start-up enterprises that lack significant liquid capital. You might have obtained some VC funding, for example, or taken out lines of credit with your bank, but you need to stretch your dollar as far as possible. That's where used cubicles and office furniture become indispensable.

Know the Difference Between Refurbished and As-Is Furniture

When buying used office furniture in Houston, you have two primary options: Refurbished and as-is. Refurbished office furniture has been recovered, refinished, and otherwise repaired to a like-new condition, while as-is furniture comes directly from the original owner and has not been restored in any way.

As you can imagine, Houston businesses will spend less money on as-is models. Since Cubiture hasn't expended any money repairing or restoring the pieces, you don't have to pay for those man hours or materials. However, refurbished office furniture offers several advantages.

When someone visits your place of business for the first time, he or she forms initial impressions that sometimes never fade. Numerous factors go into those impressions, but the quality and appearance of your office is first in line.

When you purchase refurbished office furniture, you're outfitting your workplace with items that look new. They will last longer thanks to the refinishing and other mechanical touches, as well, which means lower expenses in the long run.

Select the Right Furniture for Your Needs

The best used office furniture for you depends on your company culture and the types of people you employ. For a call center, for example, you might need small, narrow workstations designed to serve people who spend all day on the phone.

Conversely, if your office is staffed by administrative professionals, they might need space for computers, printers, files, and other storage. Larger cubicles with expansive desks and comfortable desk chairs become necessary to support your staff.

Fortunately, Cubiture offers numerous styles and designs for office furniture in Houston. Regardless of your industry or budget, you can find work space solutions that enhance the quality of your work environment and help your employees work more productively.

If you need used office furniture in the Houston area, visit Cubiture's website or stop by the West Houston showroom to view options in person. You'll save money on furnishing your office without sacrificing quality or comfort.

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