Used Office Furniture For Sale

Used Office Furniture For Sale In Pasadena, Texas
September 24, 2015
Used Office Furniture For Sale In Pasadena, Texas

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When you need office furniture for your business, you don't want to clean out your bank account or force your employees to use substandard equipment. That's why Cubiture offers a wide selection of high-quality as-is and refurbished office furniture. You don't have to settle for furnishings that don't serve your needs or that consume too much of your financial resources.

Whether you operate a call center, sales operation, accounting business, or other type of enterprise, we have office furniture that will meet your needs. Keep the following important points in mind when deciding between new and used office furniture.

Used Prices, Like-New Construction

Cubiture spends considerable time and effort refurbishing used office furniture so it becomes as functional and attractive as its brand new counterparts. Refurbishing or re-manufacturing is the process of adding new surface materials, such as fabric or laminate coatings, to pre-owned furnishings.

In an office setting, the only damage inflicted upon most furniture is cosmetic. The parts all function just as they did when they rolled out of the manufacturer's factory, but they might feature dents, dings, tears, and other signs of surface-level damage.

Cubiture makes those pieces of office furniture attractive again and offers them for sale to customers who want to save money on their office furniture. From desks and workstations to swivel office chairs and desk accessories, you don't have to pay full price to outfit your office in high-quality furnishings.

Save Time and Money

When you purchase brand new office furniture, you might wait 6-12 weeks or more to have it delivered, especially if you customize any part of your selections. With Cubiture, on the other hand, you get your furniture much faster, especially if you are based in the Houston area.

Since we conduct all of our re-manufacturing and refurbishing on-site, you don't have to wait for us place your order, ship it to our warehouse, process the order, and finally deliver it to you. This is particularly beneficial if you're buying a new office space that you want to move into right away or if your existing office furniture has been damaged or otherwise rendered unusable.

Create a Design You Love

Our refurbished cubicles and office furniture allow you to create the perfect work environment for your business. You have probably already established a particular aesthetic approach in your office, whether you prefer bright colors and shiny surfaces or a more subdued atmosphere. We can customize your order to fit your specifications and to help you create a cohesive environment in your office.

Protect the Environment

Every year, according to, the Houston-Galveston area produces “4.5 million tons of solid waste.” When businesses toss out their old office furniture, perfectly serviceable desks, chairs, cubicle partitions, and other items wind up in overflowing landfills.

As long as there is a market for as-is and refurbished office furniture, however, we can prevent those furnishings from flooding the landfills. Giving new purpose to used office furniture helps reduce your business's carbon footprint as well as its overhead.

If you're in the market for office furniture, make an appointment with our complementary design consultant and visit our West Houston office furniture showroom. We'll help you select the best furnishings for your office and show you how to obtain the items you need without stretching your budget.

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