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Buy The Best Office Furniture Direct Frotm The Manufacturer Direct To The General Public - Cut Out The Middle Man
October 28, 2015
Buy Office Furniture Direct Frotm The Manufacturer Direct To The General Public - Cut Out The Middle Man

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You may already know exactly what you're looking for when it's time to replace the furniture in your office. As the person responsible for making larger purchases such as this, you know you have several different purchasing options open to you.

Look for the Manufacturer's Outlet

Get online and search for the manufacturer's website. Once you've found it, see if it has a presence in Houston. This way, you're able to compare what it offers online versus what you'll find in the physical outlet.

Visit the outlet and see just what they have in their inventory. If you find items you need to replace, start making a list so you know where to return when it's time to begin ordering. If uniformity is an important part of your business' brand, you may need to order several pieces of the same item. Verify that the manufacturer has the items in stock or that it can order them.

Visit Manufacturer and their Website

Create a list of the items and model numbers you need. You'll be using this to track down the exact models for the desks, chairs, hutches, printer stands and filing cabinets you need. You'll also be going to the outlet so you can examine and test each piece of furniture yourself to check for quality, features and prices. Compare prices and features to what you find online – you'll use this to help you narrow down what you're going to order.

Because you're viewing furniture online, you're not able to verify its quality by touching it, opening drawers or sitting in chairs. This is where a good warranty will be helpful.

Order Online if You Can't Find an Outlet in Houston

If the furniture you want isn't available through a physical presence in a Houston manufacturer's outlet store, you'll need to order online. By now, you should have verified the presence of any applicable warranties for the furniture you're ordering.

Read carefully through the Terms and Conditions. You don't want to be surprised by a piece of information you missed about returns, delivery charges or any other piece of information that affects how much you'll ultimately pay for what you're ordering.

Once you understand the Terms and Conditions and have entered your initials, it's time to begin ordering the furniture you need. Print out the ordering page for each item you're ordering and, when you make the payment, print this page out as well. Keep everything in your files, just in case you need to refer to it or make a return in the future.

Verify Warranty Information from the Manufacturer

Regardless of whether you order from a physical store or online, verify all of the warranties for everything you're ordering. Understand what will be covered under the warranty, what you may be responsible for paying and any defects or conditions that the warranties won't cover, such as misuse or acts of God.

Before you make your final ordering decision, let our office furniture experts at Cubiture know what you need. We may be able to give you pointers and information that will help you narrow down your decision. Browse conference tables and other furniture when it's time to buy.

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