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Contemporary Office Workstations
October 9, 2015
Contemporary Office Workstations

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Contemporary Office Workstations By Cubiture.Com

The days of polished wood executive desks and shelves filled with books and file boxes aren’t over, but neither are they the only option. If you want to project a modern flair in your office space, consider contemporary office workstations. They breathe some life into the space and tell vendors, employees, and customers that you sit on the cutting edge of technology and design.

Look for Smooth, Reflective Surfaces

Lacquer and laminate surfaces represent the cornerstone of contemporary office design. They reflect lots of light, which helps make the entire office feel larger and brighter. They’re also clean and simple, so they don’t add visual clutter or make cubicles and offices feel cramped.

Light colors can open up your office space, but darker colors are chic and refined. Talk with a Cubiture designer about the surface materials you’re already using in your office. They can provide a jumping-off point for selecting new pieces.

Get Creative with Color

Most modern office spaces feature minimalist color palettes with pops of color for variety. You can add color through wall paint, floor materials, and decorative accessories, but consider incorporating color into your contemporary office work stations.

A bright green shelving piece or a series of pastel-colored cubicle partitions could set the stage for your entire office design and add more visual interest to the space. Go easy with colors, but use them when they can make a statement or create a more engaging place to work.

Leave Plenty of Room

Contemporary and modern office designs require plenty of room for the eye to rest. You don’t want to fill every office and cubicle with furniture; instead, use only what you need. Offices with one wall dedicated to workstations and shelving leave three walls open for seating, basic accessories, and negative space.

An uncluttered workstation is also important. Avoid overhanging shelves or hutches that could compromise creativity. Instead, consider a pegboard or cork board in front of the workstation for employees to pin notes, photos, and other items.

Utilize Hidden Storage

To prevent clutter from visually impacting the design of a contemporary office workstation, consider employing closed storage options. Cabinets and drawers can be hung behind workstations or on opposite walls, as well as stowed underneath desks and other surfaces.

For the workstation itself, you might want to add modern accessories, such as steel or laminated tiered organizers. They allow workers to keep their files and documents close at hand, but they contribute to the modern ambiance.

Consider Shared Workstations

Modern businesses often encourage collaborative work. Shared workstations incorporate a large work surface where employees can pass information, documents, and other information related to their jobs. They also save space and make an open-concept office more inviting. Add plenty of light sources so employees can see well and use ergonomic seating so workers stay productive throughout the day.

Designing your office with contemporary workstations helps usher your business into the modern age. Visit Cubiture’s website or West Houston showroom to consult with an expert on the ideal design of your office and to browse contemporary workstations that will transform your office.

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