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Modern Receptionist Desks
October 21, 2015
Modern Receptionist Desks

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Contemporary Receptionist Desks

You wouldn't put a reception desk made of concrete or marble into a traditional law practice. Nor would you put a “build-out-of-the-box” reception desk into a high-end realtor's office or architectural office. Would you buy the first desk you saw without consulting with your receptionists? If you tried to do so, they would let you know, loudly, that you overlooked several vital features.

Finding the Receptionist Desk that Meets Your Office Needs

While you may want a contemporary receptionist's desk, you need to think of the functions that new desk will fulfill once it's been installed in your reception area. Space and storage are two vital functions your receptionist and others will need as they work. If they can't store supplies or papers away because the desk design didn't allow for that, the desk is essentially useless. As you work on office reorganization, keep space and storage in mind.

While this may cost you more in the beginning, consider having a reception desk custom-made for your office. This way, you can specify and get exactly what you need. Even better, you'll know what materials went into the construction of that desk. On a related issue, the custom-made desk may last you for several years more than the one you order from an office furniture manufacturer.

Features You Should Look for

Believe it or not, the tone your new reception area desk conveys can be considered a feature, just as the space on the desk's top can. If you opt for a desk made from logs and your office's atmosphere is one of understated elegance, that desk wouldn't fit in.

However, you could easily choose a reception area desk made from granite or wood and it would fit right in. Add contemporary touches to that elegant desk with a tall hutch made of matching wood.

Next, you need a desk that stands up to time and hard use. If you manage a pediatric or even a pediatric dentist's practice, you know that children are going to be in the area, so make sure the desk surface can stand up to fingerprints and even crayon markings.

Don't forget about storage needs. Your receptionist works on current paperwork and has to be able to place those papers, along with other items, away when she's away from her station.

Prices You Should Expect to Pay

Finally, you need to consider the prices of the desks you're considering buying. Not including installation, you should expect to pay from approximately $300 for the simplest, most basic reception-area desk all the way up to over $2,000 for a contemporary circular desk. That circular design gives your receptionist, as well as others who work there, sufficient work, and storage space. It also gives them the ability to keep an eye on what is happening in all areas of the reception space.

Before you make your decision, consult with our experts at Cubiture. You'll benefit from the advice they can give you, especially when you consider office space design – will that desk physically fit in your reception area? Conduct your search for a receptionist desk. Browse office furniture and ask our staff for their suggestions.

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