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Discount Office Furniture For Sale In Houston, Texas
October 13, 2015

Affordable Office Furniture For Sale In Houston, Texas

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As the purchaser for your employer, you're in charge of all major purchases, from office furniture to computer hardware and all computer-related items. It's time to replace the old furniture in every office. At the same time, you're aware that you're working under a strict budget. Before you take that purchase order and head to the office furniture manufacturer, know what you're going to do before you make your final purchasing decisions.

What are Your Needs?

What are your workers' needs for furniture? Maybe several desk chairs have started to show their age; it's possible that they weren't made with ergonomics in mind. Add “ergonomic office seating” to your list.

Have desks begun to show the effects of years of wear and tear? You may have seen workers struggling to open desk drawers. If you store large amounts of paperwork, the desks you currently use may not have sufficient storage for workers' needs.

Maybe it's time to downsize. If everyone, including the CFO, occupies a cubicle, those large executive desks are too big. You'll need to look for smaller desks and, for storage needs, small hutches may make ideal storage areas. Add these, along with filing cabinets, to your list.

Have a Buying Plan

You've gone through every office and you know what everyone, including you, needs. If everyone tends to conduct short meetings in the break room, you won't need to replace a conference room table. In fact, you may want to sell that.

Look at how workers use their office chairs. Do they roll from desk to desk? Are they complaining of lower back pain? Do you have a short worker who needs a higher chair so they can comfortably work at the computer? These are the questions you should be asking so you know what kinds of furniture to look for before you place your order. Finally, do you have mobile or telecommuting workers? How about independent contractors who come into the office? You'll need mobile workstations for them so they can work on assignments when they are in your office.

Make Sure the Furniture You Buy Will Fit

Have you determined the exact layout and measurements of each office? You need this so that, when you're making furniture selections, such as affordable desk chairs, you won't buy something that's too big for someone's office. This means breaking out a tape measure, pencil and writing pad so you can take the measurements of everyone's office. Devote one sheet of paper to each office and write down the correct dimensions. Now, you're ready to choose the furniture that everyone needs.

Choose the Right Furniture for the Task

This means choosing the right chair for the right person. A petite worker won't need an enforced chair, but a much taller, heavier employee will. If you try to save money by buying the same type of chair for everyone, that big worker will break a chair that hasn't been reinforced. If that worker is injured, your company will pay out more money in workmen's comp payments than that reinforced chair would have cost.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Lumbar support office chairs should be at the top of your shopping list. You and your co-workers spend hours every day, seated in your chairs working. Test each chair by sitting in it. Take employees of different heights, weights and body types and have them do the same thing. Are you ready to buy? Browse our office furniture and find what you need.

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