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FREE Office Space Design Services With Every Quote
October 16, 2015

Office space design consists of multiple moving parts, each of which contributes to the visual and practical appeal of an office. If you leave out one element, you risk throwing off the balance and reducing your workplace's functionality.

If you're redesigning your office space, give special attention to these six essential elements of brilliant office space design.

1. Create a Comfortable Environment

The average person spends 10.3 cumulative years at work over the course of his or her lifespan. If the workplace provides uncomfortable chairs, harsh lighting, untenable temperatures, and other sources of discomfort, those 10.3 years might seem to last several lifetimes.

A comfortable office means higher productivity and better employee satisfaction. Spend time picking out furniture and other elements that add to your employees' comfort, such as ergonomic office chairs and aesthetically pleasing light sources. Your employees will find it easier to work through their to-do lists, and guests will feel welcome and comfortable when they arrive.

2. Pay Attention to Traffic Patterns

When your employees get up from their desks to grab a stack of documents from the printer or to refill their coffee cups in the break room, you want to provide them with the most efficient path to their destination. When designing an office space, pay careful attention to the traffic patterns so you know how people will use each area.

For example, if you often invite vendors, customers, and other guests to your office, you don't want them to have to walk around a bank of 60 cubicles to reach the conference room. Think about how employees and guest will move through the space and plan cubicle, room, and office layouts accordingly.

3. Leave Some Breathing Room

Many businesses choose the smallest offices they can find because they know extra square footage increases rent and utilities for the space. However, if you cram employees on top of one another, they can't work efficiently, creatively, or happily.

Attempt to create a clean, open visual field. Leaving space between banks of cubicles or around meeting areas creates a healthy, attractive environment.

4. Utilize Hidden Storage

Rows of filing cabinets don't just look unattractive – they take up valuable floor space. If you're working in cramped quarters but you want to leave some breathing room, as advised above, consider utilizing hidden or vertical storage solutions.

Select workstations and cubicle partitions that include vertical storage. Shelves above a computer workstation or cabinets hidden underneath a desk can provide valuable space for documents and other items without cluttering up the visual field.

5. Create Task Areas

You don't have to stick with the conventional idea of office space design. For example, if your employees don't need assigned desks, skip the personalized cubicles and let people work wherever they want when they arrive in the morning.

Create task areas instead of individual offices. For example, you might have desks and workstations in cubicles for computer work, then establish breakout areas with couches and chairs for collaboration. Figure out how employees interact with one another, then plan your office space around those needs.

6. Use a Custom Design Service

When you purchase office furniture, cubicles, and other items from Cubiture, you gain access to our professional space design service. Best of all, we don't charge you for taking advantage of our expert advice.

We don't just plug a few numbers and images into a computer system and expect you to use the resulting layout to design your office. Instead, we take into consideration your specific needs and aesthetic desires and create a custom site plan. Why take a shot in the dark when you can benefit from professional guidance?

If you're ready to give your office space a face lift, or if you're moving into a new building, visit Cubiture's West Houston showroom or access our website to browse office furniture.

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