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October 27, 2015

Six Office Design Ideas That Will Save Your Company Money!

You've rented an office space that will be housing your small business, hopefully long into the future. Just because your business is small, this doesn't mean it has to look small. You want customers to feel invited and comfortable, not crowded or uncomfortable in a disorganized setting.

1. First Impressions

Stand at the entrance of your office and give it a good visual look-over. What do you see? Jot down notes. Maybe the entrance is dim because a light bulb burned out. Is a plant dead or dying? Have old magazines or newspapers piled up in the reception area? Maybe you need to dust the furniture. Correct every issue you find and you'll soon see that your visitors are happy to step in for an appointment.

Is your office as bright and welcoming as it could be? That gray paint on the walls may suck up much of the light coming in from outside. Repaint this area so it reflects light. Invest in a few table or floor lamps so that, on cloudy days, it still feels bright. Keep the windows clean so the light comes in and bathes the entire area.

2. Add Color

Your office walls don't have to be white. A neutral color that adds brightness to your office space can make it more inviting. Here's an idea – use a color that's in your logo and paint your walls with that. In addition, invest in having your logo placed on a central wall of your office.

Your workers will be much happier when they can bring in personal items to decorate their spaces. These don't have to be large items. A coat tree, for instance, can bring a piece of home into their space. If you allow employees to bring their pets, make sure the critters will be comfortable with blankets or beds to sleep on.

3. Find Furniture at a Low Cost

You don't have to buy all your office furniture at one time. Instead, find single pieces and bring them in. Staging firms use furniture just a few times before they discard it. Be on the lookout for furniture that you can buy at a huge discount.

4. Watch Employees to Determine the Environment they Prefer

Watch where employees congregate to work. If they gravitate toward a bank of windows that allow warm sunlight to come in, consider rearranging the office so they can take advantage of that warmth while working.

5. Cut the Clutter

Keep your office clear of clutter and have your employees do the same. If they work with several files a day, let them know these should be locked away at the end of the day. Take a few minutes every day to straighten out your office.

Create “zones” for your employees. If they like to relax on the couches as they consult on a project, pull them together. Maybe you can create a zone that allows you to confer with your employees.

6. Make Up Functional Spaces

If supplies are scattered in several closets, centralize them. Group your printer, fax and copier all in the same area. Browse cubicles when you need to outfit your office. Contact us today.

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