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Office Furniture Used For Sale In Houston, Texas
October 23, 2015
Office Furniture Used For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Three Reasons To Buy Your Office Furniture Used

Now that you've decided to replace your old office furniture, you've decided to buy used furniture in lieu of new. Before you start browsing, figure out what you need to learn first. Beyond cost, you have other factors to consider, such as whether the furniture will be covered by a warranty and whether it is sturdy enough for several years of use.


When you compare the cost of use furniture versus new, you'll see that used furniture will cost quite a bit less for your company. Used office chairs for sale, for instance, can cost you approximately 30 to 50 percent less than if you were to buy a new chair.

In addition, you don't have to worry about the appearance of the furniture. Office furniture manufacturers and sales outlets won't accept used furniture that's in poor condition. Instead, they'll look at every rip, tear and weak base, back or leg and replace those, bringing that old piece of furniture to like-new condition. This is remanufactured furniture. Refurbished furniture, on the other hand, hasn't undergone extensive repairs. If the bones of the desk, filing cabinet, chair or office hutch are still strong, it will instead be cleaned and touched up. Torn fabric or leather will be replaced. Scratched and dull wood will be refinished or repainted.

Good Construction

Think of this as the “bones” of the furniture. If you've already started scouting out used furniture, you've probably given chairs, filing cabinets, desks and even heavy hutches a healthy wiggle. Furniture that squeaks, rattles or jiggles too much has been through extensive wear and tear. It may not be possible to remanufacture these pieces to a like-new state.

Other used furniture hasn't made excessive noise or movement when you wiggled it. This furniture is still sturdy, even if the upholstery or leather is old, stained, torn or outdated. Cheaply made furniture won't stand up to years of daily, sometimes hard use. Avoid these pieces.

Sit down in every chair that you're thinking of buying. It should be solid and comfortable. If you notice that a part is broken, ask if this can be replaced. If you can't adjust the height or lumbar support, don't buy it. You want the best office chairs for back support, because you and your staff spend long hours sitting and working every day.


You're much more likely to receive a warranty with remanufactured furniture than you are with refurbished furniture. Ask if it's possible for the retailer to match the original warranty. If this is possible, you'll be able to have repairs made, as long as the repair needed falls under the terms of the warranty. Even though you know the furniture you're thinking of buying will be under warranty, make sure that it's still of high quality, because you want it to last you for several years. If you're looking at mesh back office chairs, you may be able to find several that have been remanufactured.

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If you're still not sure about what you should look for, visit our office furniture experts at Cubiture. They can answer all your questions about used furniture and warranties.

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