Houston Office Moving Services CU-2904

Houston Office Moving Services CU-2904
October 20, 2015

Rely On Professional Office Moving Services

Moving from one office to another requires that you hire moving professionals. An office moving consultant can do much more than pack your computers, servers, telecom equipment and furniture – they can ensure that you complete your move within the budget you've established and in a timely manner.

Other professionals you'll need to rely on include office space planners and possibly an interior designer, who will take stock of the new space and help you design an attractive setup. You also need to hire telecom and IT specialists, so that, when you bring your computers, phone system and servers to your new office space, you'll be up and running with few, if any glitches.

Designate several people within your office who can help you to stay in contact with all of these professionals. Knowing when each outside professional's assistance will be needed is important as well.

Plan Ahead

It's likely that you knew several months before your moving date that you would be vacating your old office. Knowing this, you and everyone involved in your moving project needs to help with the initial planning. It helps to break down such a massive project into much smaller goals and steps, especially if you're on a tight moving schedule. Once you know what you need, start scouting all the available office spaces to find exactly what you need.

Don't forget to alert your security provider so they can look over your new space and install your security system. In addition, obtain quotes from office moving companies.

Take Measurements of the New Office

After you have signed a rental contract for your new office, measure the entire space. You'll need to have precise measurements so that all equipment and furnishings can be accurately placed with the fewest amount of changes as possible. Your moving team is on a tight time frame, so you won't want to keep them beyond the time you contracted for – or you may end up paying extra for their services.

Buying New or Used Furniture

This is an excellent time to replace old office furniture, buying used or new furnishings for employees and managers. Desks, filing cabinets, hutches and office chairs will all need to be replaced. If your old furniture won't fit in the new space, knowing the measurements of every piece of replacement furniture will help you to place it all in its proper space.

Pack Items in Crates and Boxes

It's the week before your actual move. This is the time to pack crates and boxes so they can be loaded onto the moving van prior to moving day. On that day and in the days right after, you and your employees will be emptying boxes so everyone can get back to offering services to customers. Cubiture can help by helping you choose new or used office furniture. As soon as you know you're moving, give us a call. Browse office storage as soon as you know you'll be moving to a new office.

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