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Re-Manufactured Telemarketing Cubicles
October 8, 2015
Re-Manufactured Telemarketing Cubicles

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Refurbished telemarketing cubicles offer an inexpensive and convenient way to set up your office space. Telemarketers have specific needs in terms of workstations and privacy, so you don't want to use standard office furniture and cubicles to furnish their work spaces. Consider refurbished telemarketing cubicles if you want to run an efficient and productive call center.

1. Refurbished Cubicles Save Money Without Sacrificing on Quality

Many people hear the word “refurbished” and automatically translate it to “used.” At Cubiture, however, we offer two options for used telemarketing cubicles: refurbished and as-is. The refurbished models undergo an extensive refinishing process. We replace work surfaces and materials, ensuring they look brand new and will provide excellent usability for our customers.

Despite the refurbishment process, refurbished telemarketing cubicles still cost less than their brand-new counterparts. You get to take advantage of the replaced surfaces and hardware, but you don't have to pay full price.

2. We Can Accommodate Any Office Configuration

Telemarketers and other call center workers do not require expansive desks or large office spaces. They need just enough room to operate their telephone headsets and their computers. Consequently, organizing the office bullpen can prove complicated.

Fortunately, Cubiture refurbishes all types of telemarketing cubicles, so we have models that will fit in just about any space. If you have severe space limitations or awkward nooks you need to furnish, our design expert will help you choose pieces that fit the space and elevate the design of your office.

3. You Can Furnish Your Call Center Faster Than You Think

When you buy brand new telemarketing cubicles, you have to sift through the catalog, place your order, wait for the manufacturer to produce your pieces, and endure long shipping and delivery times. That's not the case with refurbished options.

We make it easy to furnish your office, even if you're in a time crunch. Visit our convenient West Houston showroom to browse our inventory, then make your selections and organize delivery. You don't have to put off other plans because you don't have furniture yet.

4. Your Employees Can Have Privacy

Many call center managers mistakenly believe that their employees can work productively and efficiently in an open-concept bullpen. The transfer of noise in such an environment, however, makes it difficult for employees to focus on individual calls, thus reducing their efficiency.

When you buy refurbished telemarketing cubicles, you can find models that enhance privacy rather than detract from productivity. Tall panels with insulating materials, for example, can prevent noise transmission and allow employees to concentrate. Overhead storage bins and other accessories help manage noise and keep workers organized.

5. You Don't Have to Rely on One Configuration

Business owners often balk at the idea of used or refurbished furniture because they worry it lacks flexibility. This isn't the case with Cubiture's refurbished telemarketing cubicles.

You can design and configure them in almost limitless ways. Rearranging the direction of workstations and the positions of partitions can make a big difference in how your office operates.

If you need effectively, high-quality telemarketing furniture, browse our extensive collection of refurbished telemarketing cubicles today.

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