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October 7, 2015

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When it's time to buy new cubicles for your employees, you may need to buy used cubicles that have been refurbished by the seller. Whether your business is new, established, large or small, saving money is always a factor – but you shouldn't have to worry about investing in necessary equipment, only to find that your cubicles are starting to fall apart. As you start looking at the cubicles you're interested in buying, consider wear and tear, longevity and also, price.

Look for Wear and Tear

Space may be as much of a factor as cost as you start looking for new office cubicles for your staff. As you physically inspect every cubicle, look closely at each one for wear and tear. This includes loose fabric and glass panels, toppers and feet. If you notice that the joints of the cubicle are loose, this is an indicator that this particular cubicle will eventually collapse, potentially causing physical harm to the employee who occupies it.

Weak cubicle hinges mean that someone leaned their body weight against the wall. Avoid these cubicles and continue looking for sturdier cubicle workstations. Who is going to assemble your cubicles? If you're going to rely on your custodian or the handyman across the street, you're risking harm to you and your employees. These should only be assembled by trained personnel.

Even frequent moves can affect the strength of cubicles. Cubicles that are assembled, then disassembled, or moved from one office to another develop cracks and dislocated joints, hinges and panels.

Keep Office Cubicle Workstation Longevity in Mind

Look for a lifetime warranty on every used cubicle workstation you buy. When the seller has a warranty standing behind their products, you know they have been refurbished to last. In addition, you should expect the seller to send professionally trained personnel to install every cubicle you're buying.

By the time every cubicle has been reassembled and installed in your office, you should have a difficult time telling the difference between new cubicles and the used ones you chose. The only differences should be the age of the cubicles and their price.

If something happens to one of the cubicles you bought, as long as the issue falls under the warranty condition, you'll be able to have the problem corrected at no cost to you.

Used Office Cubicles Will Cost Less Than New

When you look at the price of a single new cubicle and compare that to the price of a single used cubicle, you'll see that the used one costs at least 70 percent less than the new cubicle.

You'll be able to invest this money in new desks, filing cabinets, office chairs and computers for your employees. As you supervise your employees working in their refurbished cubicle workstations, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference between these and new cubicles.

To keep your new purchase working for you, caution your employees not to lean against the walls or hang heavy decorations in their cubicles. If you have any questions, one of our office experts at Cubiture can help you find the answers you need. Do you know what you have in mind? Browse our used office workstations and get started today!

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