4 Factors To Consider When Buying Work Cubicles FR-531

Refurbished Work Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas Galleria Area Cubicle Installation
October 8, 2015
Refurbished Work Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas Galleria Area Cubicle Installation

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Your current workstation cubicles are showing their age. Top caps are falling off and panels are beginning to show wear and tear. It may have been some time since you last bought workstations for your employees, so you may feel like you're starting from the beginning again.

New Or Used?

New cubicles will last your workers much longer, giving you more time before you need to think about buying again. But new workstations can come at quite a high cost, especially if you're replacing all your workstations.

Buying used, you may be taking on the problems of the previous owner and you're just not sure if you want to worry about these headaches. You could specify “re-manufactured” workstations to your vendor, knowing that these “new-used” cubicles will be just as reliable as new workstations.

Think about all the electronics your employees use today. Will used workstations be able to support the power needs of every piece of electronic hardware your workers use?

Styles and Types

Look at the workstation styles you need. If you have employees dedicated to making or receiving calls, an in-line arrangement saves space, gives your employees a measure of privacy and gives each worker space to store paperwork and supplies.

If you have groups of workers who work together on projects, a common wall that allows groups of workers to face each other is a good option. The bullpen allows for collaboration even as workers have the privacy they need to work.

Four workers can share a common wall without facing each other. You save floor space and they get the privacy they need.

Panel heights affect the ability of your employees to work together or have the privacy they need. Your managers should get the highest wall heights for quiet and privacy.

Each worker will need different features or equipment, such as a box file, shelf system or an overhead bin. If you order in bulk, ask about a price discount.

Factors Affecting Cost

Used or remanufactured versus new. A used station can cost about $250 and go as high as $750. Panel height, workstation size, any accessories you need, condition and even the color can affect the price. Keep in mind that, because workstations are a fairly new development in office furnishings, they may cost more – but your employees may benefit from the features they have.

If you've decided to order new workstation cubicles, be ready to set aside from $500 all the way up to $10,000 per cubicle. Those higher-priced systems are made using high-end materials.

Cubicle size can affect the final price. Smaller cubicles, because they use less material, cost less. Those larger cubicles that you intend for managerial staff will cost much more.

What is included in the price of the workstations you order? Depending on the individual store or supplier, tax, delivery and installation may be charged separately.

Can Cubiture Help?

Contact us at Cubiture when you are ready to discuss your workstation cubicle needs. Whether you choose new or used, our expert staff can answer your questions for you. Browse our workstations when you're ready to buy. Our staff is ready to help you out.

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