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Refurbished Business Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
November 3, 2015
Refurbished Business Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas

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While the switch from individual offices and a large “bullpen” style office started in the late 1960s, not everyone is aware of some of the advantages of cubicles. Observing some behaviors that take place within individual cubicles, they aren't aware of how their actions impact their colleagues, either.

Cubicles Do Offer Privacy

The old-fashioned bullpen office, where rows of desks were arranged offers no privacy. Phone calls and paperwork take place right out in the open. A colleague four desks away can hear you talking about the deal for which you're preparing paperwork – or they can hear you talking about your child's issues in school.

Once business cubicles started making their appearances in offices across the country, workers began to realize that, while they still worked in a large office space, they could work with some degree of privacy.

Workers Can Dress Up Their Cubicles

To make their cubicles more personalized, employees can decorate their spaces with plants, photos and personal calendars. They may bring in a small wall hanging that adds more color and visual interest to their work space.

At the same time, they need to remember to keep their personal decorations within certain limitations. Because the cubicles are mounted with hardware to the floor, they aren't as sturdy as walls. For this reason, heavy personal decorations may not be allowed to be attached to cubicle walls.

Downsize Personal Decorations

That large tribal mask that weighs more than thirty pounds probably won't be allowed to hang in your cubicle. When you bring in that massive ficus plant, your supervisor may shake their head and tell you to take the plant back home. Or, maybe you brought in several smaller items, but when your supervisor sees the box that barely holds them, they may tell you to choose only a few and take the rest home.

Why? Again, the sturdiness of the cubicle wall isn't as high as that of a wall that separates one office from another. You don't have very much space in your cubicle. What's more, you need that space for a trash can, filing cabinet and possibly a box for recycling. You don't want to trip over that box; nor do you want to brush up against a bulky item and risk it falling to the floor and breaking.

Keeping Phone Voices Down

You're not in a private office, so you can't use a raised voice to talk to others. Lower your voice so you won't disrupt others as they work on spreadsheets or phone calls of their own.

If you enjoy your cell phone's ringtone, remember that others may not like it as much. When work hours start, silence your phone. Switch your desk phone's ringer to a low sound so it won't interrupt others as they work.

Radios, Headphones and Food

Working to the strains of the Rolling Stones' “Satisfaction” may enable you to work faster, but others may not enjoy your radio as much. If allowed, plug in headphones so you hear your music, but others don't.

That tuna sandwich may taste scrumptious, but it leaves telltale odors behind. Bring foods that don't smell so you don't offend others.

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