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Glass Cubicle Partitions
November 5, 2015

The glass partitions that separate one cubicle from another look good, but they are also functional. They can be used as partial walls and they can help to deflect unwanted sounds in the working area. They are a little costlier than fabric cubicle panels, but if you want a different look, then glass cubicle partitions may meet all of your needs.

Function and Appearance

When you compare the look of fabric cubicle partitions to glass cubicle partitions, you may realize that the workstation cubicles that are separated by glass partitions just look better. If you're worried that the glass is more fragile than the fabric panels, ease your mind. Glass panels are sturdy and not likely to break.

As an owner or manager, choosing glass panel partitions over fabric gives you another benefit. You'll be able to look into workers' cubicles to see if they're working or wasting company time. At the same time, the height of the cubicles‘ walls will give each worker some privacy.

If you choose clouded glass or etched glass, you'll get one look. With clear, see-through glass, you'll get a much brighter look in the office than you would with clouded or etched glass.

Benefits to Your Office

Depending on the height of the panels you choose, they can be used to deflect ambient sounds, allowing your employees to get their work done with fewer interruptions. Thinking about the different departments your business has, you may have the IT department, human resources, payroll, content management and the graphic design department.

When you are supervising all of these departments, it's much easier to do when you can see into several cubicles at once to see that employees are engaged in their assigned work. Your employees benefit as well. If they need to consult with a co-worker about a project, it's easier for them to discuss their work and what has to be done. You may not have considered this final benefit: On a cloudy day, glass panels allow even limited light to flow through to the cubicles that are farthest from your office windows. This can help your workers stay more alert as they do their work.

Add More Light to Work Areas

You and your employees enjoy working in a bright, airy space, so much so that you've chosen glass cubicle panels over the more familiar fabric cubicle panels.

If you and your workers don't want cubicles closest to the windows to get so much light that they are hot and uncomfortable, you have some glass panel options. These include:

º Etched glass panels
º Smoky glass panels

Have installers put the etched or smoky glass panels on the cubicles that are closest to the windows. These workers will still get plenty of sunlight, but it will be diffused somewhat. The plain, clear glass panels can be installed on the cubicles that are farther away from the office windows, giving them more benefit from sunlight.

Where to Find Used Glass Cubicle Partitions

Glass panels cost more than fabric panels, so you may have chosen to look for used panels. Look for these in liquidation groups or in office furniture manufacturers‘ stores. If you have any questions, our experts at Cubiture can answer them, or browse our cubicles and glass cubicle partitions to find what you need. Contact us today.

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