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November 9, 2015

Modular Home Office Furniture Ideas By Cubiture.com

Establishing your small business means you need to start small. At first, you may be the only employee, so you don’t need very much office furniture. As your business grows, you’ll begin thinking of adding on more and more employees so your company can handle all the business that comes in. Start smart and furnish your home office with modular office furniture.

Understanding Modular Home Office Furniture

Modular office furniture” may be a confusing term for you. You may wonder if this means furniture you put together from a kit you buy at the discount store. No, it isn’t! Kit furniture is cheaply made and of poor quality.

Modular office furniture is simply pieces of furniture that can be added as the needs of your business dictate. That is, if you start with furniture for yourself, you’ll be able to add more pieces in the same group so everything looks uniform, especially if customers visit your office. Even better, you’ll be able to configure individual desks into either “U” or “L,” as you need. You may not need this, but workstation cubicles are considered to be modular home office furniture as well.

Start Small

Until you need to hire new employees for your business, order only as much office furniture as you need for your own working needs. You’ll need a desk, filing cabinet, office chair and possibly a standing hutch to hold notebooks and manuals that you use regularly.

As your business grows and you hire new employees, order new office furniture from the same style and group. Make sure your office is in a room large enough to accommodate everyone.

Look for Ergonomic Features

Setting your laptop at the dining room table and sitting in a dining chair isn’t good enough for you as you start your business. First, the table may be too high and you’re not going to be able to adjust the height so you don’t injure your wrists and hands. Second, the chair won’t have lumbar support for your lower back, resulting in daily discomfort and backaches.

Instead, make sure the modular office furniture you order has every ergonomic feature you need. These include:

º Adjustable keyboard tray
º Office chair with good lumbar support
º Chair back should be high enough to support your shoulders and neck
º Adjustable armrests on chair
º Adjustable-height chair
º Chair should have casters

Seat Yourself in Comfort

Think “comfort” when you’re setting up your new home office. The sun shouldn’t shine directly on your desk. Set your desk up so it receives indirect light from a window.

Set up your computer so it’s at eye level, directly in front of you. Everything else should be on either side of your desk and out of your way. Make sure you have sufficient light. On cloudy days, or late in the afternoon, an office lamp that bounces light down from the ceiling gives you the light you need.

When you have an idea of what you need, contact our Cubiture furniture experts. They’ll ask you about your business, staffing, current and future needs. They will also be able to advise you about ordering modular office furniture. Browse our office furniture today so you know what’s available.

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