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November 23, 2015
Reception Desk Millwork

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Your reception area desk makes the first and strongest impression, not only to customers, clients, vendors, and visitors, but also to your employees. While a high-quality desk may give your customers a good impression, if that desk doesn't fit the needs or physical needs of your staff members, they won't be able to work comfortably, which affects their productivity. A millwork desk is one that has been made using millwork pieces or components that can be decorative or functional.

Desk Appearance

When visitors enter your reception area, you want them to be favorably impressed with what they see. This includes your reception desk. It should be well-maintained or new-looking, stylish and neat, with paperwork and supplies at a minimum. If your visitors are required to sign in or fill out paperwork at the reception desk, the surface should be high enough for them to stand comfortably as they do so. At the same time, it shouldn't be so high that the receptionist can't see over the top when guests come in.

For your reception staff, the desk should have enough storage that they can put papers and files away, enabling them to keep the top of the desk looking neatly organized. Storage can be incorporated with the shape of the desk – curved, U-shaped or L-shaped.


The surface of the reception desk should give your receptionists sufficient space to do their work and spread their paperwork and supplies out. Below the surface, they should have storage drawers and cabinets, so they can store away office supplies when they aren't using them.

If the desk is at a standing height, a clear or tinted glass panel can allow the receptionist to see who is standing on the other side of the desk.

Desktop Space

Do your receptionists complete work while they are greeting visitors and calling staff members? If you don't mind visitors seeing the computer monitor from their side of the desk, just make sure they have enough room for the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, as well as hard copies of documents they are working from. Make sure the desk you choose has sufficient storage for your receptionist.

If you don't want visitors to have a view of the computer, make sure you know the computer's dimensions if you decide to have a desk custom-designed.

Think about the architectural features surrounding the reception desk. It will have to fit within those features, such as ceilings, columns, split-level floors or other walls.

Who Will Use the Desk

Are any of your receptionists confined to a wheelchair? If so, the working side of the desk has to be high enough to accommodate them as they work. It also has to allow them to be able to roll themselves easily to the work surface so their knees don't bump the corner of the work surface.

If you anticipate visitors with physical disabilities having to present themselves to your reception staff, you'll need a recessed area so they can roll up close to the desk. This area will cut into the leg space of your receptionists' staff. If you have any questions, contact one of our Cubiture experts for the help you need, or when you know what kind of receptionist desk you need.

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