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Refurbished Cubicle Partitions
November 4, 2015
Refurbished Cubicle Partitions

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You Need Privacy

One of the biggest considerations for you and your employees is privacy. Some employees work with sensitive personal information while others are responsible for confidential company information. Fabric cubicle partitions, as well as taller partitions, help you to give those employees the privacy their work demands.

If you believe that glass partitions, even frosted or etched, would offer the degree of privacy they need, think again. Opt for fabric-lined partitions to give the degree of opacity these workers need around their cubicles.

Materials, Colors and Styles

Even though your office is composed mainly of cubicles, you want it to look aesthetically pleasing. Look for used cubicle partitions that have other materials other than fabric. This enables you to introduce additional style and zing to the networks of cubicles.

Where privacy isn’t such an issue, have different glass cubicle partition styles installed on the cubicles. For these cubicles, clear partitions or etched and frosted partitions allow your workers to have just a little more style surrounding them.

You aren’t limited to gray or beige partitions for your employees’ cubicles. Choose bright colors so the office is dressed in splashes of color. Even better, choose different partition colors for different departments. Just choose colors that contrast well with each other or compliment your brand and logo.

Keep Sound Down

Working in one large room, sounds tend to rise toward the ceiling. Ringing phones, clacking keyboards, dinging message alerts and the sounds of conversations from workers here and there throughout the bullpen all mingle together.

While some workers aren’t bothered by this, others are more accustomed to working in relative silence. Others, because of the nature of their job responsibilities, need more quiet.

In considering this factor, remember that acoustic partitions, which have sound-deadening fabric, will absorb some – not all – of that sound, enabling everyone in your office to work more efficiently. Even better, you can customize these partitions for your office needs.

Heights and Depths of Cubicle Partitions

From shorter partitions to taller, you have a few choices to make. Again, some workers need more privacy, so choose taller partitions for them. Managers, who may also work in cubicles, should get the tallest partitions so their offices seem to be individual offices. For workers who are on the phone for most of the day, the taller partitions can give them privacy and they can help to keep phone conversations from drifting out.

The depth of your cubicle partitions is dictated by the responsibilities of different workers. Employees who work with paper need deeper cubicles so they can have filing systems and additional storage. Call center workers don’t need all this depth. Their cubicles can be shallower and they will still be able to get their work done. Ready to shop? Browse our cubicles and partitions when you know what you need.

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