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Cubiture's Commercial Office Furniture Can Save You Money Today
January 20, 2016
Cubiture's Commercial Office Furniture Can Save You Money Today

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Industrial Office Furniture

Office furniture should be able to stand up to lots of use and activity. It isn't asking too much for commercial office furniture should also be attractive. Look around your office at all the furniture you and your employees use. This is commercial office furniture and, at some point, you're going to need to replace it for new office furniture.

Commercial Furniture in the Office

From the industrial office to a law or accounting firm, everyone sits down at an office desk with a chair designed for office use. Filing cabinets are situated in every office or cubicle so employees can store files.

Some employees or managers may, because of their job requirements, need additional storage. For these people, hutches or credenzas will provide extra cabinets or drawers so they can store those papers, contracts or procedure manuals.

As you look at what you have in individual cubicles and offices, look at the characteristics of each item. Then, decide whether this furniture is meeting the needs of your staff members or not.

Desks, Filing Cabinets, Chairs and Hutches

The fledgling business owner needs to know what commercial office furniture is. If they are going to be furnishing a small office suite or one or two rooms in their home, they need to have the necessary pieces so they can get started working in the office, even before their grand opening.

Desks should be the correct size for the workspace. At the same time, they have to be large enough to hold some papers and necessary office supplies. The top of the desk should hold the phone, computer, keyboard, mouse and a desktop file.

Chairs should be made for use at an office desk. Kitchen chairs, while economical, won't cut it for those planning to spend hours at their desks. The chair should be adjustable, have lumbar support and recline slightly. Armrests should be at the correct height, tall enough for comfort.

Filing cabinets can be either two-drawer or four-drawer, depending on what the individual staffer needs. Smaller cubicles or office spaces will more easily hold the smaller filing cabinets. In larger offices, the four-drawer cabinets will easily fill the necessary space. These cabinets should go to those workers who produce high volumes of paperwork or to managers.

Office Furniture in the Home

For the business owner who has opted to work from home, commercial office furniture will be vital. Well-made, sturdy office furniture doesn't have to look industrial.

Desks can be made from glass and chrome or from wood or a wood look-a-like. Do your homework ahead of time and make sure the desks you're going to order will hold up to the use they'll be put to.

A filing cabinet and office chair will also be necessary. If the business owner has hired another worker, they will need to order a desk and chair for this worker, at the least. They can share a filing cabinet until conditions warrant ordering a second cabinet.

If you have any questions about buying commercial office furniture, be sure to call one of our experts at Cubiture. Browse our office furniture when you need to buy new items.

ADA And Implications for Office Design.

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