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Custom Office Furniture Cubicles
January 27, 2016
Custom Office Furniture Cubicles

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Office Furniture Cubicles

As you consider your options regarding office cubicles, you need to know what doesn't work with your current arrangement. What does work? What do your staffers like the most? What do they hate (and tell you about)? Before you decide on a vendor and place your order, take all of these questions into consideration so you can discuss them with one of our cubicle experts.

Look at Your Office Space

Look carefully at the area where you will be placing your new office cubicles. If you have differing configurations for your current sets of cubicles, you had a reason for having them set up this way. If it worked when you ordered these cubicles, does this configuration work now? If not, why?

You may have added staff (or let staff go) depending on economic conditions. One or more of your departments may have grown larger, making your current setup insufficient for current staff. Take detailed notes so you can detail how many cubicles you need at this time.

Option 1: Ordering the Same Cubicle Design for Everyone

From clerks all the way up to managers, everyone will have the same cubicle setup. Each cubicle will have identical storage and configurations. Departments with staffers who work with confidential information will have the same cubicle as typists and clerks. Your IT and graphic design departments will work in those cubicles as well.

The benefits:

º No confusion about who gets what cubicle configuration
º Uniformity of cubicle design

The disadvantages:
º Employees who need privacy for their work won't have the higher walls
º Ambient noise will affect everyone, no matter their job roles
º Managers won't be able to talk privately to employees or clients

Option 2: Customizing New Cubicles to Each Employee's Role

Ordering cubicles with higher dividing walls, extra storage and materials that cut down on the excess noise allows your staffers to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Managers and human resources employees will be able to work on confidential paperwork without worrying that someone who shouldn't see the information can do so as they walk by.

Those IT workers and graphic designers will be able to work in a slightly quieter environment – those higher walls will deflect the sounds of conversations and phone calls.

Managers who work inside enclosed cubicles will, in effect, have private offices. Those meetings with clients and employees will remain confidential and the managers can work undisturbed by excess noise.

Option 3: Ordering the Same Cubicles and Supplementing with Dividers

Order the same cubicles and include partitions and dividers. Adding fabric wall panels will help you to keep the noise from surrounding areas from affecting staffers who need more quiet.

You'll also have the option of ordering desktop privacy panels so HR and managers will be better able to maintain the level of confidentiality for their paperwork.

Option 4: Ordering Closed Cubicles for Managers

Your managers have told you they really need more privacy than an open cubicle offers them. Look at small, enclosed cubicles with doors that shut so they can get the quiet and privacy they need.

As you weigh all these options, call one of our Cubiture experts so you can learn more about each option and decide which options serve your needs best.

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