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Used Office Furniture Sales
January 14, 2016
Used Office Furniture Sales

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Office Furniture Sales

You and your staff need new or pre-owned office furniture, but your budget is definitely a consideration. You may have already browsed office furniture store websites or even visited them in person and the prices you saw solidified your plans to buy pre-owned office furniture. You already know you can find furniture that looks just like new. All you need is to know how and where to find it.

Check Office Furniture Stores

Visit the brick-and-mortar locations and websites of remanufactured office furniture stores, such as Cubiture. Don't stop there. Visit other stores so you know what prices are being charged.

Keep track of the prices of everything you look at, because you're going to be comparing these numbers to the prices you find elsewhere.

Don't Forget Furniture Liquidators

Hotels and other businesses send their old furniture to furniture liquidators. After the liquidator has the furniture inspected, it is repaired, cleaned and made ready for sale on the liquidator's showroom floor.

Once you've seen what is available, you'll be able to compare this furniture to other resources you check.

Just as a quick cautionary note. You will find lots of odds and ends, some of which will be too old to be of any use to you. Keep looking, because you're eventually going to find what you're looking for. If you need matched office sets, this option is one of your best.

When to Shop for the Deals You Need

Once you begin looking for pre-owned office furniture, you need to know when you're most likely to find what you need. Just as clothing is sold seasonally, good furniture deals are made available at around the same time of every year.

For office furniture, expect to see availability rise in February and June. Businesses usually wait to turn their old furniture over to a liquidator or other site for one of several reasons:

º New funds become available at the beginning of the calendar year, meaning companies have much more funding with which to work

º People who work at home or who own small businesses must wait until they have their tax refunds in their bank accounts, if they expect to receive money back from their taxes.

Classified Ads are an Option, But. . .

Look through classified ads, but remember that the prices being charged by the seller could be much higher than what you would find being charged by a furniture liquidator or even a used furniture outlet. These individuals set such high prices because they want to get back at least a portion of what they spent.

A good option here is to bring your negotiating skills with you and be ready to bargain those too-high prices down to something more manageable. This is where your initial research comes in handy – you'll be able to inform the seller, “Well, at XYZ, we saw desks and ergonomic chairs being offered about 30 percent lower than what you're charging. We need to buy several items. Maybe we can talk about a discount.”

Furniture Consignment Shops May Have Good Deals

Furniture consignment shops are able to charge less for re-manufactured office furniture because they have several pieces of furniture in their stock. While you may be less likely to find matched office sets, the savings you'll get may make this a non-issue for you. Just make sure you know you're getting the best deal possible before you buy.

Browse our office furniture when you know what you need.

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