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Custom Conference Tables

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Custom Conference Tables

Custom conference tables feature unique shapes, sizes, and stylized edges that contribute a unique aesthetic decor to the surrounding environment. Many Houston companies prefer to simply buy a table and then let Cubiture™ further stylize its form with custom millwork. Other companies ask us to simply build a table for them in our W. Little York fabrication plants. In both scenarios, we pay very close attention to the overall shape and style of the table. Millwork must support these features without detracting from the overall statement that the table makes.

This particular example is what we call a “boat shaped” conference table. These conference tables feature convex sides similar to the hull of a boat. Another feature that makes them true to their name are ends that are slightly tapered. Many of our Houston clients over the years have asked us to further customized these ends with rounded corners that reinforce the stylish and elegant appearance of the slightly curved surface. Boat shaped tables are not only sheik in appearance, they can be further customized with advanced audio/visual communications equipment. This turns the table into something of an audio visual hub for face-to-face collaboration between multiple corporate sites.

As so many new companies spring up here in Houston, many start out in very small office suites as they initiate their first cycle of growth. These companies need custom conference tables that are fabricated with exceptional geometry that will allow them to seat a larger number of attendees in a limited space. For some of these clients, we have found that octagonal conference tables have proven to be the most effective shape because it can comfortably seat 8 persons regardless of the physical size of the room.

Because we either modify or build custom conference tables ourselves, we can pass on the added value of comfort. Our space planners are highly adept at determining exactly how much knee clearance that our millwork department needs to build into the table base to ensure plenty of leg room for all in attendance.