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Conference Room Table

Your conference room table should do more than simply host meetings. It should set the tone for meetings so that collaboration results in profitable outcomes.

When choosing a conference room table for your meeting room, be sure to give strong consideration to style. Style makes a statement to visiting clients, guests, and investors, so your conference room table is one thing that you should consider investing a more money in. Always be willing to go for a style best establishes the atmosphere you are looking to create.

There are two primary elements of style to look for in a conference room table. One is the shape of the tabletop itself, and the other is the shape of the base.

One of the more popular tabletop shapes is the oval design, also known as the racetrack design. This style features very stylish lines and rounded edges. As a highly aesthetic piece, the racetrack design comes in a broad ranges of sizes and finishes that compliment a both traditional and transitional interior designs.

However, in smaller meeting areas, a round conference room table will often prove to be the better option. Because it uses more vertical space than horizontal area, it can generate an inclusive feeling in a very small place where collaborators can share ideas from a position of comfort and equality.

The Base of Your Conference Room Table is Functionally and Aesthetically Important

We previously mentioned the need for ample knee room when choosing a table base. Different types of conference room tables are supported by different types of bases. A few examples include:

• Slab base-a panel that extends downward from either end.
• Trestle base- a narrow base that supports T shaped uprights.
• Post style-basically traditional legs that can be customized with millwork to look like cylinder pedestals.

Remember that Cubiture can customize any conference room table you like for to ensure maximum functionality and comfort. Consult with a space planner to ensure that proper clearance space exists for people to comfortably sit around the table. Also talk to your space planner about conference room communications equipment and meeting accessories.