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Affordable Refurbished Cubicles For Sale In Houston , Texas

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Affordable Cubicles & Office Furniture

Budget-friendly doesn’t have to mean cheap, especially when it comes to cubicles for your office. You want to put forward the best face that you can. But when custom pieces require too much time and too much of your budget, you’ve still got options for affordable office furniture and cubicles that make your work space look great.

Your Houston-based company is doing well. It’s been around long enough that it’s time for you to replace the furniture you originally started with, but you can’t afford new furniture. Before you grab the company charge card, sit down and create a buying plan, then start calling your fellow business owners, because you’re going to find just what your company needs.

Have a Shopping Plan

Figure out why your current furniture works for you and why it doesn’t work. As you ask your employees about the suitability of their furniture, you may find that some of their responses will be in agreement with your own responses.

When they tell you, “This doesn’t work, because it’s too small/big, heavy, clumsy,” they are saying they need furniture that is easy to use. Write everything down because you’re going to use each response to find furniture that better suits the needs of every employee.

Shop Around

But don’t buy just yet. For this part of your search, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Looking for quality used office furniture that better meets the needs of your staff members.

Come to our store here in Houston and let our experts know what you need. And, while you are looking, visit other stores so you can get an idea of the price ranges you’ll see.

Ask Your Colleagues for Ideas

Call your colleagues. They may have recently bought refurbished, used or re-manufactured office furniture. They can tell you what their experiences were and where they found their new furniture.

While you’re telling them that you’re looking for used office furniture, listen to their suggestions. While you may not take every one of them, each idea helps you gain the knowledge you need as you’re thinking about where you’re going to buy your furniture.

Remember Comfort

Ergonomic furniture–it’s actually more than just a buzzword. Furniture made using ergonomic principles is much easier to sit in and work on. Chairs have lumbar support and can be adjusted to the needs of the persons using them. Desks fit the person – they aren’t too tall or too short. Cubicles have the legroom everyone needs.

If you’re thinking you can ignore ergonomic principles, then keep your health insurance costs in mind. Because furniture that isn’t comfortable will, over time, lead to your workers developing repetitive stress injuries. Which will drive your health care costs up. Yes, used ergonomic furniture may cost a little more at the outset, but over time, you’ll actually save more money.

Consider Buying Refurbished/Re-Manufactured

Used office furniture doesn’t have to show its age. Come down to our Cubiture store and compare our stocks of refurbished and re-manufactured office furniture to our new furniture. Surprise! You won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

You’ll be able to save considerable money on refurbished or re-manufactured office furniture – between 30 and 50 percent. When you make your decision, you’re likely to make nearly everyone in your company happy. Browse our office furniture and choose refurbished.