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Cubicle Installation

Cubicle installation establishes production areas for individual employees. It also establishes work areas for departments or divisions within your organization. Cubiture™ follows a 3-step process that consistently proves itself to be the best time and money saver for burgeoning Houston businesses.

1. Office Space Planning–The Key to Affordable Cubicle Installation
Few people initially realize just how valuable detailed office design layouts are to their investment. Drawings provide much more than a blueprint for cubicle installation. For you, the customer, they represent both the global scope of the project as well as personal requirements for comfortable, efficient, and even ergonomic work areas. They show you exactly what you need to support new hires, temporary transfers, and unique teams that have to be created for special projects. Perhaps the greatest benefit you receive from this free, no-obligation service is a clear picture of what you need before you buy it.

2. Component Selection
Once your drawings are complete, you get to explore various options in work surface materials, cubicle accessories, seating, storage, and communications support. If you are on a budget, please be aware that our cubicle installation crew also specializes in fabricating many of these materials. Lower prices can be obtained by investing in either non-OEM cubicle components or completely refurbished cubicles. An enormous range of fabric colors can be explored to decorate your cubicle panels. Work surfaces can be standard or customized, and storage units can be designed into any cubicle system so employees do not have to leave their desks to file important paperwork. All of this is free until you decide to move forward with your purchase, confident that you have chosen the best possible options for workspace solutions.

3. Turnkey cubicle installation
Assembly of cubicle components takes very little actual time. The most important element of cubicle assembly is the proper wiring of power outlets and the concealment of cables for voice and data devises. One advantage that Cubiture™ offers in this arena is the ability to customize in-house any cubicle component to accommodate technical requirements without damaging workspace aesthetics