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Cubicle Workstations

Can a Cubicle Really be More Than a Cubicle?
When we say that a cubicle workstation is more than a cubicle, we are speaking very literally. The images of cubicles depicted in popular culture are typically formed by movies that depict life in a cubicle as restrictive, isolated, and devoid of emotion.

We have to keep in mind that these images are tools of mock comic relief. Most of them depict office cubes from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and offer no representation of any kind of how a truly modern cubicle workstation actually appears or functions.

Reality offers a much clearer picture of the versatility that we can achieve with modular cubicle designs. Customized cubicle workstations make up a huge percentage of today’s individual task areas, private offices, and even collaborative team environments. By utilizing cubicle panels of varying heights, we can create any level of privacy necessary for the individual for whom we are building a work area. Wall high cubicle panels can even be installed to create separate rooms for management offices, meeting areas, sales, or customer support.

Houston companies know who to call when they need work areas that are far more than stereotypical office cubes. Cubiture not only designs some of the most unique work areas in the industry; we actually fabricate cubicle workstations in-house. Our Northwest Houston manufacturing facility houses an entire refurbishing, fabrication, and cubicle installation team capable of developing any workspace solution for clients in the oil & gas industry, medical research labs, education, financial services, and industrial facilities management.

The advantage of having Cubiture build your cubicle workstations are simple and evident. In-house manufacturing and turnkey office installation provide you with a one-source solution for office space planning, delivery, and office furniture setup. Value added services, such as cubicle repair, maintenance plans, and cubicle refurbishing, extend the value of your investment far beyond your initial purpose so that the life cycle of the product corresponds to changes in your business.

Call us now at 713-412-0900 to equip your workforce with customized task areas that are far more versatile–and more cost effective–than the images of popular myth would have you believe.