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Pre-Owned Office Furniture & Cubicles In Houston, TX

When someone in your company suggests buying Pre-Owned office furniture, you may give them the side-eye: “Pre-Owned office furniture? But it’ll look old!” Actually, that’s not always true. If you’re in money-saving mode and you buy your new office furniture from a big box store, thinking you found the gold… it may end up being fool’s gold. In this case, refurbished, previously owned furniture may be the treasure you’re looking for.

Scan the Business Section of the Paper

You pride yourself on staying tuned into what’s going on in and around your community. You know who’s being promoted to CFO; who’s retiring and which companies are closing. That last one is actually the one you want to explore a little more.

When you find out that a company is moving to another state, or that it’s closing up completely, this is your chance to step up and express your interest in their furniture. Of course, it’ll have to be refurbished or pre-owned. Negotiate with the business’ owner or CEO, agree on which company pays for refurbishing and you have a “new, but not really new” suite of office furniture!

Go Online

Check Houston office furniture stores’ websites. Search only for Pre-owned ore refurbished furniture and, when you find it, look closely at their stock of refurbished furniture, making note of the terms and whether that furniture comes with a warranty.

Should you check Craigslist? After all, some pretty sleazy people post non-existent sales there. True. But honest individuals and businesses also post job listings and even furniture for sale there. Obviously, exercise caution when you go check the furniture out. A little caution can go a very long way.

Know What You’re Looking For

Before you start contacting stores and sellers, you should have a strong idea of what you need. Make notes and take them with you so that, when you inevitably spot those desks you absolutely have to buy, you’ll be able to decide if they fit your needs.

Know how much office real estate you have so that, when you see filing cabinets, desks, hutches and chairs, you’ll be able to decide whether to buy them or not.

Your employees work independently and with each other. This means you may need to group some desks with each other, so buy pieces that fit well with each other. In other words, have a plan ready.

Ask Us About Our Refurbished & Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Here at Cubiture, we do sell Used, pre-owned & refurbished office furniture. Our furniture experts know that refurbished furniture that “looks” like new is much more cost-efficient than buying brand-new furniture.

Once you’ve ruled out other sources of refurbished office furniture, come in and see us. Discuss your needs with one of our experts and we’ll be able to show you what you’ve been looking for all along. You’re aware of the dirty word “depreciation.” New office furniture depreciates much more than refurbished furniture does. You’re not going to lose money when you invest in refurbished office furniture. and choose refurbished items.

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