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Cubicles offer organizations the advantages of cost-savings, flexibility, and personalization. The average cubicle system is significantly less expensive than traditional office furniture. It is also far more flexible than traditional desks and storage units. Cubicles represent the ultimate in modular workspace design.

With hundreds of unique, individual components, each workstation can be built in accordance with specific workflow demands. Personal tasks are easier to complete with work surfaces designed specifically with the individual worker in mind.

The average office consists of a limited number of rooms which can be used as actual “offices.” Providing every employee with his or her own private office is not always feasible. However, when we furnish the same office space with cubicles designed for specific job descriptions, the number of task areas can be exponentially increased. Sales, customer support, management, and operations can all be supported by cubicles built with customized features unique to specific job descriptions.

The innately flexible nature of modular workstations allows us to create open areas, partly enclosed spaces, and completely private office areas using modular components. Comfortable seating and task areas are created to maximize employee performance in an environment that is focused–but also pleasant–to work in.

Cubicles are also designed to accommodate workflow itself. With communications being such an integral part of business these days, it is essential that we make computer and peripheral support an integral part of cubicle design. Cubiture™ designers spend a great deal of time collaborating with customers to determine the exact nature of their communication needs. Storage systems are then built into each workstation in key locations that provide employees with quick access to office supplies, personal items, and special equipment.