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Cubicles often function as office space for management, sales professionals, and accountants. The semi-private office above serves as just one example of Cubiture’s innovative office space planning. It consist of three primary types of components. A U-shaped desk forms the central work area. Office storage units, built into the desking system, provide quick access to documents and office supplies. The office walls are made from modular panels that are specifically manufactured for developing cubicles and offices with a higher-than-average level of privacy.

The panels consist of metallic frames adorned with a mocha wood veneer. This aesthetically compliments the desking system within. The translucent glass at the top allows light to shine into the interior. The WaveWorks casegoods system, which includes both the desk and accompanying storage units, features a similar blend of Mocha finish wood and metal that compliment the surrounding panels. With variations of these basic components, cubicles such as this can be further customized in terms of size and/or panel positioning.

This particular line of dividers, made for cubicles designed for near total privacy, feature five unique specifications. Cubiture can create highly customized work spaces by combining L’s, single dividers, and butterfly dividers in arrangements that develop the task area in accordance with the action steps of work flow itself.

The key to developing such layouts lies in taking advantage of Cubiture’s unique, in-depth, and personalized office space planning services. Beginning first with workflow assessment, and continuing with detailed office space planning, customized solutions can be developed in-house and expeditiously implemented by our full-service, turnkey office installation team. Systems can also be maintained by our in-house office furniture services team conveniently located in our Northwest Houston fabrication plant.

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