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You won’t find a reception desk like this on any manufacturer’s website. Nor will you find one in any competitor’s showroom. That is because this receptionist station is a custom product designed specifically for the company that purchased it. Built right here in our Houston factory, it is a truly one of a kind piece. It is also a fine example of our factory’s production capabilities and an even finer example of our custom millwork.

You will find millwork on all kinds of office furniture products manufactured by all the major brands in the office furniture industry. No one at Cubiture questions the quality of this work. We didn’t start doing millwork because there was a lack of millwork in the industry. We started doing millwork because too many of our customers asked us if we could alter the millwork on major brand office furniture products they wanted to buy for their offices.

While we are experienced and trained in a variety of customization methods, there is only so much alteration we will implement on a brand-new designer furniture product. Such changes, if they are made, are done on very small levels that maintain the integrity of the original design. Millwork is something we might add to select pieces of new furniture, but it is not something we feel comfortable reworking on a brand new product.

It is better to start from scratch with a reception desk that we design and build ourselves. The station pictured here actually sold for far less than many of its major brand equivalents. This is because we have a fully operational factory that allows us to build and sell directly to customers without the additional markup of selling through a wholesaler, distributor, or retailer.

The millwork on the reception desk was a labor charge added to a product with a significantly lower production cost. The combined cost was still within budget tolerance when we installed the system. The customer got what she wanted for the price she wanted to pay. We consider this one of our premier case studies in creative furniture designs, budget compliance, and customer satisfaction.

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