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5 Things to Consider When Buying Quality Office Furniture

1. Plan For Future Growth
You will need to hire new people as your company grows. Be sure to invest in quality office furniture that will support that growth. Modular workstations offer you the advantage of affordable reconfiguration so you can adapt work areas quickly to an influx of new people. You may also qualify for bulk purchase discounts if you buy workstations now for people you plan to hire later.

2. Understand Your Environment
Have your Cubiture space planner measure all walls in your office. Have him or her also make a note of any narrow hallways, electrical outlets, and cable jacks. Furnishings must not only fit these spaces, but they must be cabled for power and communications.

3. Design for Workflow
Quality office furniture should be configured to support the flow of production from start to finish. Team members who need to collaborate within a particular department should be able to easily access one another. Chairs should be ergonomic and easy to reposition when collaborating with others. Power, data, and voice cables should be concealed and kept away from transit areas at all costs.

4. Quality Office Furniture is Multifunctional
Desk systems can be built with both shelves and cabinets. Pencil drawers can dual function as laptop trays. Cubicle panels designed for privacy can also be used to store important documents and office supplies. Talk to your space planner about multifunctional cubicle accessories and custom furniture design.

5. Don’t Forget About Style
Cubiture space planners are highly conscious of the need for superior style. Style supports brand positioning and plays a significant role in employee motivation. Cubiture has its own fabrication facility, so can customize your quality office furniture to support any interior design theme. Cubiture offers over 500 laminates and 500 fabric options that will compliment any transitional, contemporary, or modern decor.