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When you create an office space you need to think of all the potential types of furniture you might need to create a functional space. For example, do you have a work queue or task station where work is sorted and distributed? Your desk configuration should match the function of the jobs being performed, and in the case of an open task area, you need to consider a desk system and not just desks.

Desk systems, like the one shown above, imply more than just desks. The FR-101 embodies function and style. Computers, peripherals and supplies are all at hand from a seated position in a task station like this. Workflow moves more efficiently when workstations are designed for the job function.

The FR-101 features A U-shaped desk configuration with ample overhead storage as well as typical storage and filing drawers. A work staging location will typically store overflow office paper and supplies easily at hand so your staff doesn’t have to run to the supply closet frequently.

As you can see in the photo, the task area is designed to support workflow from a comfortably seated position where computers, documents, and office supplies are all within easy reach. In addition to standard storage and filing drawers, the desk system also contains overhead storage cabinets that allow workers to organize any number of document folders, special office supplies, IT peripherals, or even personal belongings. The small meeting table, located just behind the seating area, allows everyone to push back from tasks areas, turn their chairs around, and gather round-table style during times of special collaboration.

Desk systems don’t have to be just functional. The FR-101 is beautiful, classy and accentuates the prestige of your office with its clean, contemporary style. It is easily configurable for any office space. It is appropriate for legal offices, financial firms and any business that wants to make an impression. The wood finishes include mahogany, cherry espresso, high satin black, twilight and vintage natural maple. There are literally hundreds of choices for tack board fabric and many handle options to choose.

This desk system is easily used in many different functional environments from an open task space for the entire work unit to an extremely functional management space. Options not shown in this picture include matching storage, conference tables and presentation boards. With its flexible design, surface color choices, glass or solid wood doors on storage, pedal steel storage, and wardrobe storage there are plenty of options for all your office needs and preferences.

Desk systems, like the one shown above, consist of more than basic desks.. They provide a way for you to accomplish tasks in a much more efficient manner while also providing an exemplary image.