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Reception desks by Cubiture™ position your brand identity at the forefront of every guest’s attention. Featuring an exceptional blend of style and practicality, these workstations occupy a front and center position that generates a vital first impression. The style of your receptionist’s desk functions as a symbol of your corporate culture. Its utility reflects the pace of your operation by providing administrative staff with all the necessary tools to direct visitors to the appropriate contacts within your organization. Your administrative staff can effectively multitask the demands of customer service with the rigors of personal workflow-setting an example of your value production to all who enter your doors.

The receptionist work station above features just such a blend of aesthetics and function. The center panel that faces the door can be glazed. Work surfaces and transaction top edges can be decorated with fluted or bicut edges. These reception desks are built for maximum work flow efficiency, which is why you see so many different types of storage compartments in the picture above. There is a cabinet with a translucent door that can store a variety of office supplies. Drawers can be used to hand folders for filing, or they can be used for storing additional supplies or personal belongings.

Cubiture™ understands how important it is for you to set the right tone for your business. This is why we have an entire woodshop division that specializes in custom millwork. Reception desks can be further customized with highly decorative designs that make panels, cabinet doors, and work surface edges stand out in a way that captures the attention of everyone who enters your office. This is an excellent way to reinforce your corporate values and set the right pace for the business at hand. Be sure to ask about millwork when looking at reception desks for your next remodel or office move.