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This is a closeup of a high density file storage system. It reveals just how many records can be organized in a comparatively small amount of space. This exceptional storage capacity results from open shelving that extends high into the vertical cube. Open shelving allows you to vertically organize filing folders for quick indexing and easy retrieval. A file storage system like this can add as much as 5,000 filing inches to your document storage room.

In order to understand the value of high density filing, we have to compare it to something familiar. Almost every office has used a vertical filing cabinet that contained anywhere from two to five drawers. These drawers feature tracks on either side of the drawer that allow you to hang file folders. While these file cabinets appear to hold a lot of documents, most only offer about 100 total filing inches.

A standard vertical file cabinet typically occupies just over 2 square feet of space in your office. When you look at your lease contract, you can calculate how much that one square foot of office floor costs per month. Viewed from this perspective, the utilization cost of a vertical file cabinet is not just its price tag value. It is the rental cost of storing the cabinet in your office. Now compare this number to the number of filing inches you actually have. This will tell you have much each filing inch in that cabinet is costing you each month.

High density storage systems add tremendous value to organizations because they are much taller than any file cabinet. For every square foot of floor space you use, you also have 6-8 feet of horizontal shelving that offers an exponentially higher volume of filing inches than the combined drawer space in a retail filing cabinet. By using shelving rather than drawers, a high density file storage system makes maximum use of the vertical cube while minimizing its use of the floor. When you factor the square footage of office floor that it occupies and compare that cost to the number of filing inches the new file storage system offers, you can lower your per filing inch cost as much as 700%, depending on your lease rate.

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