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When choosing high end office furniture for a business, the two most important considerations are function and design. You want to pick pieces that fulfill the needs of the office and fit in with the decor or image you would like to project.


Two basic office styles are traditional and modern. Traditional furniture styles tend to be more formal with heavier lines and darker colors. Desks, chairs, and cabinets are often made of wood and leather. Modern designs utilize more color, as well as lighter frames and metal or glass pieces. It is best to purchase furniture that consistently follows the office design scheme.


To be productive, workers need to be comfortable. The furniture piece with the largest impact on employee comfort is the office chair. An ergonomic design is key to reduce stress on the back. Ergonomic mesh office chairs offer a design that fits well in both open office areas and cubicles, and can blend with traditional or modern decor. Thickly padded seats let workers sit at their workstations for a longer period of time without discomfort. Wheeled chairs allow for greater mobility in the work area, while stationary chairs are best suited for client waiting areas. Executive office chairs are generally more substantial to fit in with the overall look of the private office.


Desks can be customized greatly to match office design and needed functions. The most basic desk, consisting of just a flat top and legs, works well in a modern decor. The materials are changeable to integrate with decor. You can choose all wood, all plastic, glass, and metal, or a combination to get the desired look. In a paperless office, this type of desk may be all you need. Depending on the duties of the workers and the tools they use, you may wish to add a space for a computer tower or a built-in file cabinet. Some employees may appreciate an adjustable-height desk in case they wish to stand while working on the computer. A traditional heavy wooden desk with ample drawer space best suits a private office.


If your office has a formal meeting space, you will need to purchase a conference table. Conference tables can be light glass or metal for a modern office or heavy wood for a traditional office. When choosing a conference table, you need to consider how many people it needs to seat and how much space is needed per person. For example, if you are using high back office chairs with rollers for seating, you will need more space than if you are using small stationary plastic chairs. If the conference table is used as a team meeting place, a round table where people can more easily see each other and interact may be preferable to a rectangular table. Take a look at our conference table here.

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