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FurnitureYou can do a simple Google search, or you can even go old-school and look through the yellow pages. There’s no shortage of office furniture retailers in the Houston area, but how do you know when you’ve found the best for your needs?

The word “best” is relative, and means different things to different people. Maybe your idea of the best is saving as much money as possible. Or maybe it means high quality furniture that’s built to last. And then again, maybe it’s a combination of many things.

When you’re shopping for the best in Houston, here are a few qualities that you’ll want to keep in mind:

#1: Space Planning that Doesn’t Cost you a Penny
Any retailer can sell you a desk and a chair. But with space planning, you’ll have an experienced designer who can help you create an office that makes the most of every inch of square footage. Even if you think there’s no way to improve on what you’ve got, chances are you could find an improved layout for more efficient work and better traffic flow.

Some office furniture retailers offer space planning for a fee. But with Cubiture, it’s always complimentary. It might not seem critical, but this service can help you choose the best furnishings, from cubicles to desks and storage, that work perfectly in your office.

#2: Professional Sales Force that Knows the Industry

It’s not unusual to find a great deal at a big box store, and Houston has no shortage of those, either. But what those retailers lack is concentrated experience dealing with office furniture for a wide range of businesses.

When you choose to buy from a company that specializes in office furnishings, you’ll know that every penny you spend is a wise investment. You might find a desk on clearance someplace else, but a company such as Cubiture knows which desks will perform best for your industry and the space you’ve got to work with.

#3: Plenty of Furniture Options for Every Budget
Have you ever gone shopping, only to find that you’re limited to two or three choices that fit your budget? A limited selection means you’ll be less likely to find what you really need at a price that you can afford. And customization is probably not an option at all.

With an office furniture manufacturer & dealer, you’ll have a wide selection in several different grades, from high-end pieces and custom millwork to furnishings that fit into a more modest price range. Another important element with dealers is the ability to offer used and refurbished pieces, which are the friendliest of all to the tightest budget.

#4: Installers with the Right Tools and Experience

Will the company you buy from also install your furniture? Or will you have to hire another company for that part of the job? And do you want to entrust a company that’s not experienced with setting it up right the first time?

Dealers know their products, and the installers on staff are trained in delivery and setup. When you buy from a company with in-house installers, you won’t have to worry about damage during delivery or an installation that’s not sturdy.

#5: Customer Service that’s Truly Service
Service after the sale is one of the hallmarks of a great company. But if you’ve ever tried to work with customer service in a big-box industry, you’ve probably found that the person on the other end of the telephone might, or might not, understand which product you have and what service you need.

Working with an office furniture dealer such as Cubiture means customer service is exactly that – service. If you need maintenance or repair, or have questions about anything you’ve had installed in your office, you can be confident that you’ll speak with someone who understands and wants to help.

You can go nearly anywhere to find office furniture in Houston. There are plenty of options. But to find the best for your money, it’s worth it to shop with a company that knows the industry and can help you make the most of your budget.

The best office furniture is more than looks, more than a brand name, and so much more than price. The best is the whole package, and that’s what Cubiture offers. Call 713-412-0900 for a quote today, and see what a difference it makes to work with professionals who want to help you meet your goals.

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