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Modern Office Furniture

If your organization thrives on the cutting edge of change, you might want to consider investing in modern office furniture. Characterized by clean lines and sharp angles, the rugged simplicity of this style conveys a sense of utilitarian focus ideal for any company looking to be known as on the go. Its near minimal use of textures, and the near total absence of decorations, allow modern office furniture pieces to function as foundational elements to interior office design. The clean lines and sharp angles of private offices, workstations, and reception areas continue past the furnishings themselves–setting the theme for office decor throughout.

Neutral colors, such as black, white, and basic browns, allow designers to add bright colors on a selective basis to create pinpoints of vibrancy within the room. This affords office managers a tremendous range of creative freedom at something of a marginalized costs. Part of the minimalism innate to modern office furniture stems from the fact that fewer actual pieces of furniture used. With an emphasis on free flowing space, contemporary design emphasizes lines of action above intricacy of form. Work areas tend to be efficient, compact, and designed with specific tasks in mind. Decor is therefore more a product of sensory impression than it is one of ornamental form.

Perhaps the most important element of modern office furniture design is the innovative integration of storage space into functional task space. The workstation depicted above serves as a shining example of this. Storage cubbies line the overhead space, providing quick access to non-secured items. Locking file drawers on the left provide ample room for hanging file folders, while the cabinet on the right maximizes the efficient use of vertical space as a storage alternative to a separate filing cabinet. Adjustable shelves provide additional space for storage, while the desk area offers additional workspace in the form of an L-shaped extension.