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Industrial Office Furniture For Sale

When you hear the term, “industrial office furniture,” your mind may pause on “industrial” and stop right there. You may not want to see rough furniture that features metal, wood and bolts in your office, but don’t rule it out just yet. This may be the type of furniture that will set your company apart and stand up to years of use.

Stands Up to Industrial Settings

This type of furniture is definitely intended to be used in an industrial setting. Tabletop edges are surrounded with a sheet of metal. Bench seats are attached to benches with sturdy metal. Storage shelves are open, yet strong, able to hold more than just a couple thick binders and a decorative candle.

Reception desks are surrounded with strong metal that stands up to accidental kicks and rough use. The surface of the desk itself is usually a sturdy wood that has been lightly varnished. You’ll usually find this furniture in factories, industrial shops and in hardware stores, where employees often set down heavy merchandise to be sold to customers.

Description of Industrial Office Furniture

The best way of understanding industrial office furniture is to look at it, feel it and test it. If you can’t do that, then a description can at least help you get started in understanding this furniture category.

Think of the gray metal desks often used in military and government offices. They are made mainly of steel, with a durable, rubber desk top that holds up to hard, daily usage. The drawers are all-metal – it’s difficult, at best, to destroy them. The most you will do is make a small dent in the metal. If you inadvertently make a mark with a pen on the desk top, you should be able to remove it with an ammonia-based cleaner and a cloth. You can’t do that with a wood desk.

Works in a Commercial, Industrial or Residential Setting

This furniture style is versatile working well in a commercial, business and industrial setting. If your office has that “unfinished” look, with exposed piping and air ducts, then industrial office furniture will coordinate well here.

Rather than opting for “finished” furniture, why not choose industrial-style storage shelves and workstations? You know you’re going to get value for what you pay. When customers or clients come in, they’ll be impressed that you chose an industrial furniture style – because it’s different.

Get an Attractive, Unique Look in Your Office

Use that different look to help set your company apart from others in your community. Order a conference room table that looks sturdy, but attractive. You’ll be able to move it around the conference room as needed because it comes equipped with heavy-duty casters.

A wood-topped credenza with a sturdy metal base and sides will easily store binders and other items you use throughout the work day. The credenza’s doors can be made of an opaque, hole-punched metal that hides what is stored within. Strong door pulls allow you to open the doors to pull out or replace what is inside. If you’re getting curious about industrial office furniture, call one of our experts at Cubiture and ask any questions you may have. Browse our office furniture and learn more about industrial office furniture.

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